Your Spa Shouldn’t Cut Costs on These Equipment

Woman Getting Back Massage

A successful business requires low costs offset by high revenue. This means purchasing everything you need at a low cost. However, for a spa business, you cannot cut corners on some equipment. For these spa tools, investing in quality outweighs a low price tag if you want satisfied customers.

Massage Tables & Facial Beds

Invest in heavy-duty and reliable facial beds. Unlike other equipment, massage tables and facial beds complement your customers’ experience throughout the service, so they need to be comfortable and safe when on it.

Cheap, unsteady, and hard models may promise the lowest prices, but these will be uncomfortable and create a bad experience. Product models with durable and comfortable features require a more substantial investment, but it is worth the money when your customers come back because of the great experience they receive.

Oils and Other Consumable Supplies

Depending on the type of spa you are running, you need to stock up on consumable supplies such as oils, shampoos, and lotions. The cheapest way to cut back is to buy unbranded or OEM supplies available from many wholesale suppliers online.

However, this poses risks. The US Food and Drug Administration does not approve cosmetic products and only regulates color additives. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure the safety and proper labeling of its products before selling. Instead of unbranded products, buy your supplies wholesale from known manufacturers that promote safe and effective products.


Smiling Spa EmployeeConsider your team of employees as the most important investment that brings loyal customers to you: the manager, cosmetologist, manicurist, spa assistants, and all the other employees. Each one has an important role to play in your spa. If you want your best employees (skilled, experienced, and enthusiastic workers) to stay with you, invest in them and motivate them to stay.

While expensive equipment does not always equate to high-quality performance, spa owners should consider quality over cost. The satisfaction of customers, who return and recommend your services to others, will be valuable to your business.