Why Quality Control Is Crucial in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain and Quality ManagementQuality control is a vital aspect of supply chain management. Prior to any raw material or component being utilized for manufacturing, your purchasing department needs to make sure that all ordered materials conform to the proper quality specifications. ReverseLogix knows that quality control is likewise crucial to your reverse logistics program, specifically for returns. As a result, your quality department can determine whether a returned item can qualify for a refund or exchange. That said, when your purchasing department determines what they need to procure from your suppliers, your quality department or other relevant departments should provide them with a specific list of information pertaining to the items that need to be ordered. In general, this information must include the following:

Physical Description

For instance, if a component should be in a particular shade of gray, your purchasing department should inform potential suppliers about it to make sure that they can meet the specifications.

Dimensional Requirements

For a component to be used in manufacturing, a specific machine for instance, the component should fit particular dimensional specifications.

Chemical Composition

Your quality department should provide your purchasing department with a list of detailed chemical specifications for the materials they need to purchase. The list must include specific characteristics the material must conform to.

Performance Requirements

If a component is required to perform in a specific way or bear certain forces, your purchasing team should look for a supplier that can deliver on those requirements.


There are times that your development team or quality department will require a component to have a specific brand. In most cases, this is because certain brands are known for having superior quality compared to other brands.

Industrial Standards

Certain components required for manufacturing specific items should conform to particular industry standards to communicate to prospective customers that the product is well made, safe to use, and of superior quality.

The quality of raw materials and components you use for manufacturing goods could mean the difference between having a subpar product and a bestseller. By making sure that the purchased materials or components adhere to specific requirements, ensure the quality of all the products you manufacture.