Why Green Funerals are the Best for You and Mother Earth

Woman and Child Visiting in a Graveyard

Planning for your burial and memorial service is now one of the major decisions people make before they reach middle age. Living wills, testaments and burial considerations are now an essential part of preparing for all future possibilities.

Part of the planning is to choose a funeral that is green and environmentally-friendly, recommends Golden Leaves Funeral Plans. But many people ask, can eco-funerals in the United Kingdom fit their plans?

An Eco-Friendly Way to Say Goodbye

The green movement has been very active, and this also includes minimising the effect of burials. Eco-friendly funerals use of cardboard coffins, trees to serve as headstones, and shrouds to wrap the deceased. Other methods include natural burials, composting through liquid nitrogen, and even a coral reef burial. All of these have substantially reduced the use of chemicals and non-biodegradable materials that traditional burials and cremation usually require.

There are now many funeral services offering these eco-friendly options to those who lost loved ones. These could involve other traditional means, such as cremation, so the funeral is a combination of these methods.

Why Go Green?

There are many advantages to embracing the idea of eco-funerals. It is a cost-effective funeral as it minimises cost and material us. You can reduce the money you use by almost 50% depending on location, coffin materials, and burial elements.

If you want a graceful exit from this world and protect your environment, an eco-friendly burial is the best way to do so. You will spend less money, and use materials that will not harm the environment. Additionally, your memorial can help nurture trees, animals, and even eco-systems.

Planning your final farewell can be sensitive, but you can have options that can give your family closure and even help the environment.