Why Establish Your Shipping Before Opening an Online Store

Online seller

Beginner online entrepreneurs typically don’t think about the shipping process immediately. They focus on the details of setting up their online store, manufacturing or sourcing their products, marketing, SEO, and many other elements involved in e-commerce, but often neglect shipping until they have to deliver their first orders.

It pays to think about your shipping arrangements even before your online store is up and running. Here are a few reasons behind this:

It factors into your niche

Are you selling to a specific demographic in a particular location? Are you going international? These questions are part of your preparation, but the shipping is a different story. If you aren’t prepared to ship to particular areas thousands of miles away, your shipping may suffer delays or losses.

You might be missing discounts

Some courier and shipping companies offer discounts to businesses who ship a particular minimum of orders in a specific length of time. If you ship a lot of products within a week, for example, they may also offer to pick up the goods from your place of business or warehouse. Special rates may be available, and you don’t even know about them if you didn’t factor the shipping into your early planning.

You could have chosen better

Instead of finding out the hard way, after some complaints regarding your shipping, you could have opted for the best company to ship your products had you planned earlier.

Some orders are local

Some orders come from customers located in your area, and it might be more cost-effective to deliver them yourself. Even if you can’t, driver leasing is available if you can provide the truck or van. You might be able to save money if you have a truck and a driver to take care of local deliveries. This is especially effective if the bulk of orders are coming from nearby areas. With this setup, you have full control over the delivery.

To make your business successful, shipping should be as reliable as possible. Take control of your shipping by planning.