Why Does Social Media Engagement Matter?

Social Media Management

Social Media ManagementExperts agree that social media metrics are not exact indicators of business success, whether your goal is to get a sale or change consumer behaviour. Despite its shortcomings, however, ignoring such metrics is a mistake that some online marketers make. These numbers and engagements tell a story about certain aspects of your campaign and may get you the information you need to start or maintain a current one.

An SEO company in London and other cities in England list the following uses of engagement metrics in social media:

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Campaign and Content

Many site owners want their campaigns to yield more profits and leads. There are steps along the way that may lead you to these objectives and engagement can be a hint to these ends. The number of likes, reactions, shares, and comments that a post gets provide you with insights as to which types of content resonate with your target audience.

The engagement also allows you to determine patterns that enable you to continue publishing posts that are popular with your market. You also identify the types of followers that engage the most with your brand. This information is useful when it comes to finding influencers and brand evangelists.

The data you get from social media engagement allows you to evaluate the type of re-engagement your brand needs. Some are just one like or reaction engagements, what you want are re-tweets and re-shares as these get you noticed.

Indirect SEO Value

Engagement on social media provides indirect SEO value through links. Sites that have many engaged users are likely to notice signals that affect link building and search engine optimisation. Higher engagement may also lead to exposure to a wider audience for your content.

Monitor your analytics to identify if the rise in social media reach and engagement correlates with increasing organic website traffic. If there is a correlation, determine which content types work best to make your campaign more effective.