Why Charter Schools’ Later Start Times Benefits Your Child

a mother teaching her child

More parents are questioning the ability of state education to teach their children what they need to know. With school incidences of gun crime, drugs, and teen depression on the rise, many wonder if state education is even the best choice for their child. Charter schooling is looking like an appealing alternative.

Charter schooling provides an opportunity for students to study in their own home, at their own pace, and have one-to-one tuition from a teacher. Why else is this alternative to state schooling advantageous?

Early School Start Times Cause Violence, Car Accidents

Some high schools start as early as 7.20 am, necessitating a very early rise – particularly for students who need to travel to get there. The need to rise early is associated with teens falling asleep in class and of moodiness and irritability. When schools start later, teachers report that there is less fighting in hallways and canteens and less bullying. This effect extends to the home. Parents of teens who start later say they are easier to live with.

Tellingly, when school start times were set at no earlier than 8.30am in three states that were studied, the number of car crashes decreased significantly. The rates recorded ranged from 6-70%, with the greatest decreases in areas where school started at 8.55am. Car accidents are the largest cause of accidental death in teens, and many of them are caused by sleep deprivation. Starting school later in the day could save lives.

Later Start Time Improves Grades

It’s been found that schools that start at the latest time of 8.55am report increases in grades in all subjects. Students who study at home do better in their SAT’s than state educated students. Both homeschooled boys and girls achieved equally as well and had significantly higher test scores compared with the national average.

Charter schools in Glendale and other areas offer teens an alternative to high school with home-based computer programs and flexible classes to help them achieve better grades at a time that suits them – a recipe for success.