When Your Car is at the End of Its Life, Choose a Recycling Centre Over a Landfill

Why choose efficient car recycling?

If a car couldn’t be fixed, either the repair bill is unaffordable, or the vehicle has been written off. If you have one such car, don’t leave it sitting in your yard and don’t take it to landfill immediately. Environmental champions recommend recycling the vehicle and helping the environment.

The car industry is one of the most polluting industries and a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Its pollution begins even before the vehicle starts its first journey, and doesn’t end after its last. Ten per cent of car emissions occur during the manufacturing process and five per cent during disposal.

Abandoned cars make neighbourhoods look untidy and also attract rats and mice, who may use them as nesting grounds. Mice and rats can transmit salmonella and viruses to people, so they are a health and safety hazard. The cars themselves leak toxins and heavy metals into the atmosphere. There are an estimated 350,000 cars left to rot each year, as well.

Used Cars and Crime

The rising value of scrap metal has fuelled a rise in car thefts. Prices hit an all-time high of £200 per tonne in 2008, making second-hand cars an attractive proposition for criminal gangs.

Even if car owners take steps to take their vehicle to places that buy scrap cars, many sites aren’t equipped to render them correctly, and they can leak brake fluids that pollute the soil. Some are re-conditioned poorly and returned to the road when they aren’t road-worthy. That is why reputable specialised recycling centres are necessary.

Recycling Safely

Recycling centres can remove hazardous chemicals which are pumped into sealed tanks and sent for disposal. Car parts can be removed and re-used. Glass and plastic parts can be recycled, as can the car’s metal body.

Car wrecks leach metals and oils into the atmosphere, encourage pests and litter the environment, but waste management companies know how to recycle used cars without pollution safely.