What You Need to Know About Long Tail Keywords

long tail keyword

long tail keywordKeyword optimization plays a big role in increasing sales and ensuring higher rankings on the search engine results pages. Bidding on and optimizing the correct set of keywords and phrases are more valuable than focusing on volume and density. This can help you fit words effortlessly so that content reads better.

Most markets say that long tail-keywords present a more interesting opportunity to meet marketing needs than shorter versions. Is it really true that longer keywords are better? Marketing experts from TrueLogic.com.ph share the answer:

The Volume of Searches

Although long-tail keywords are less expensive, they generate a lower volume of searches. This is especially true for phrases that are too long and specific. Keywords like these will make it hard to garner more searches that meet your target.

You can stick to three to four words for long-tail variations. Stay away from the phrases that don’t produce positive results. Long keywords are only highly advantageous if they are highly relevant to the searcher’s intent.

Avoiding Competitive Keywords

Those who are just starting in their AdWords campaign use long-tail keywords to avoid expensive keywords in advertising. They tend to stay away from general keywords that are more competitive and more expensive.
While long-tail keywords can help improve sales, they are not a quick solution when it comes to hitting advertising goals. These keywords can help you save more, but if they are not getting enough searches, it may better to try another phrase.

Combination and Match Types

While long-tail phrases see lower search volume, this doesn’t mean that you should avoid them completely. It is better to use a combination of generic and high volume keywords with some specific long tail keywords. This will add to your sales and help you determine which keywords drive more searches.

There are many reasons your long-tail keyword produces positive results. Make sure to evaluate your match types. Remember that exact match keywords mean demanding too much from the searchers. Be creative and flexible with your matches.

Long-tail keywords can only give you an edge if you know how to use them. Wise implementation of keywords is important to attract the audience you’re looking for and drive sales.