What Upgrades Can Make Your Motel Rooms Look Bigger


MotelInvesting in a motel for sale in Queensland, says ResortBrokers.com.au, can be a lucrative move if you market it properly. One of the most required features of motels would be comfort and affordability. It would help your business, though, if you also make the rooms look spacious and more relaxing.

Here are some ways to make your motel spaces look bigger and more airy:

Reflective Surfaces  Putting up mirrors, placing indoor pools in strategic areas and using glass covers can expand the look of any limited space. The addition of these items gives the optical illusion of extended space. To maximise this effect, make sure that you have properly placed lighting around the room.

Altered Perspective Japan has mastered this technique due to limited living spaces in its cities. An example of this principle would be the placement of bonsai or miniature trees inside the room, which tricks the eye into thinking that the room is larger by virtue of perspective. They also use the technique Miegakure, which is planned positioning of plants along the border to blur an areas boundaries. This also creates the optical illusion of a larger square footage.

Smaller Furnishings – Small rooms can look larger if the furnishing were simpler and less bulky. Of course, you may want to avoid doing this to the beds but the closets, the tables, chairs and other furnishings would best be simple, sturdy and streamlined. This allows more space for the eye to wander and rest, giving the room a breezy feel.

Just because a motel doesn’t offer the extra amenities other accommodations do, it doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice the space. After all, tourists and travellers appreciate a place that is restful and airy, not necessarily elegantly decorated or classily furnished. Once a lodger can rest and relax, you may get to enjoy repeat visits and positive recommendations.