What to Bring to Your Security Guard Training

Security Guard Training

Security Guard Training Yes, if you want to become a security detail or bodyguard, you’ll quickly realise it’s much tougher than what you see on TV. Since it's both a test for the body and the mind, you should come ready and prepared. Here are some suggested essentials for your security guard training days.

Training Clothes

Security guard and bodyguard training will involve physical training, which means you’ll either be sweating it out in a gym-like setting or doing rigorous exercises under the sun. Bring at least two pairs of extra clothes, plus a towel for when you hit the showers.


Because of the physical work, you’re bound to feel a lot of aches and pains during the day, even more so afterwards. Bring a bottle of your trusted painkillers and take them as prescribed. Stock up on liniments and a first aid kit. Be prepared, as your intended profession can be gruelling.


Training isn’t a walk in the park, and your facility might not always be equipped with cafeterias or vending machines. Ramtrainingservices.com.au says bodyguard training involves understanding ethical standards. It also involves incident management.

Bring your own ready-to-eat (or drink) power meals such energy bars, protein shakes, power drinks and protein-rich sandwiches. Think compact and portable, as you may not have time to sit down and eat. Training and assessment can take hours, so you will need to stay alert.


Out of all the things you should bring for your survival, water is your most important ally. You’ll be switching between sweating it out and moving around, which means you’ll lose water throughout the day. Bring your own sports bottle or jug.

The life and career of a security guard require hard and serious work. To succeed, prepare for the training. Bring everything necessary, especially liquids, and dive right in.