What Makes PPC Campaigns Successful?

Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click ManagementConsidering how competitive the world of Pay Per Click advertising is, it is necessary for companies and consultants alike to stay updated. It seems like every day, there are new methods and new rules that people should know about.

No matter what happens, however, there are five common elements that make up any successful campaign. Missing even one of these is a recipe for disaster, so they serve as a strong foundation. Everything else should come afterwards.

  1. Keyword research – This is easily the most important part of any campaign, as selecting the wrong keywords will render everything else useless. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for organic or paid traffic, any of today’s top SEO companies will stress the importance of researching your keywords.
  2. Bid strategy – Controlling expenses is half of what makes PPC campaigns profitable, and it is something that no company can ignore. Making the most out of a campaign requires intelligent decisions, as some bids are more cost-efficient than others.
  3. Targeted copy – Optimising the ad copy for the specific market you are speaking to. There are multiple guides out there to writing more effective copy, and you should either study these thoroughly or leave the writing to a professional. The effectiveness of your campaign directly relies on how well-written your copy is.
  4. Tracking and testing – Ignoring a campaign after launch is unacceptable; you need to continue refining it as time goes on. Track which keywords are performing well, and drop those with a negative ROI. You should also conduct regular split testing to find out what works, and what doesn’t.
  5. The landing page – Creating an effective landing page is essential to maximise conversion. Getting them to click is not enough; you still need to sell them on what the company has to offer. Optimising the landing page is the best way to make sure that your money and effort do not go to waste.

Successful PPC campaigns are a combination of industry expertise, persistent hard work, and just a little bit of luck. Making sure that the above elements are in order will go a long way towards improving the company’s bottom line.