What Is Coworking and Why Does It Work?

Team at a coworking office space

The coworking phenomenon is sweeping the nation as well as the rest of the world. From 14 coworking spaces in 2007 to more than 17,000 in 2018, coworking has shown an outstanding growth potential.

In 4 years, virtual office franchises such as Venture X along with other shared office spaces are expected to number more than 30,000, providing workspace to more than 5 million coworkers.

Hassle-Free Offices

Coworking and shared office spaces get rid of most of the hassles of running an office and working in an office environment. Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups won’t need to bother about special permits, building maintenance, and additional office personnel.

Shared office spaces provide you with the needed office space and whatever additional services you may need, which may include the use of a conference room, access to the internet, dedicated receptionists, and many others.

Traveling from city to city also becomes less of a problem as long as there is a shared office space in your destination.

Freedom and Flexibility

Freelancers and independent contractors relish the freedom that shared office spaces provide. Nobody looks over your shoulder and you won’t need to cozy up to the higher-ups. What’s important is the task at hand. Nobody cares how many breaks you take — as long as you finish the assigned work.

Minimal supervision drives innovation and thinking out of the box, something tech giants seem to agree with. IBM, Microsoft, and Apple are some of the few tech giants that use some form of coworking and use shared office spaces for their employees.

Happier Office Environments

Millennials and people below 40 easily favored the shared office concept. Shared office spaces give you unmatched freedom and flexibility because of its output-based system. Coworkers are happier and less stressed, and this makes everyone a little more motivated and productive.

Coworking and shared office spaces will continue to grow in the coming years. It is changing the way people are working and the way small businesses are running. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, even big corporations are all adapting to this wonderful system called coworking.