Voiceover: Why It is Simply About Ease of Understanding

voiceover techVoiceovers are common in animated films, where actors need only to provide a vocal presence rather than their usual physical roles. Technology has even made it an exact science, as you can observe in several animated features from America and Japan. The endeavor of speaking for providing a voice is a universal matter, however, that it has uses in different fields.

Of course, you still have the choice to provide a transcript. It will vary with the nature of the translation, but voiceover offers interaction, a presence. There are situations where a printed script would suffice, but in important matters, there are a few things better than a specialized voice actor that provides a professional language translation.

The Simple Matter of Understanding

Translation, transcribing and all manner of relaying speeches and articles into another language has multiple benefits, but when it comes down to it, it is just about being understood by the audience.

This is most evident nowadays in live streams of conferences. The latest from Nintendo for the release of their new gaming console is an ideal example of a voiceover done right. The company was able to hire actors with the right voice and excellent translating ability. There is a bigger challenge voicing over a live event, so in post-production voiceovers, there will be a lot less pressure and more time for the translation to be perfect.

Another example from earlier this year is Samsung’s conference about the Note 7 smart phone and its ‘explosive’ issues. This is a very serious event where the manufacturer cleared the air over their missteps, which they wisely softened with a woman voice actor. This event was about an apology, and they hit the right note (no pun intended) in hiring someone with a calm voice.

Why Professional is Important

There is merit to bilingual people, but when it comes to professional translation, a singular grasp of the language is not enough. Context, wording and phrasing all play a part in creating sentences and saying the right thing in another tongue.

All translation work is important, though you have to recognise the right kind for your event. A voiceover is a top option for enabling clearer understanding when videos are involved.