Various Types of Architectural Home Designs

Selection of Paint Colors

With plenty of unique design styles available today, it might be a no mean feat to decipher the style that will work best for you.

With the help of their home designers at Monica Rissler – Imagine Design in Sarasota, some people combine elements of various styles to come up with a functional and ideal look for their homes. However, note that a successful starting point for any design project is learning about the various styles and how they are different from each other.

Modern style

This broadly used word normally refers to homes that have a simple color palette, clean and crisps lines, open living spaces, use of materials such as steel and glass, and the function over form element. The bottom line of this design is simplicity in every detail, including the furniture. This style has minimal or no accessories and clutter, and thus the best word used to describe this style is sleek.

Contemporary styles

Unfortunately, a majority of people tend to use modern and contemporary interchangeably thinking that they mean the same thing. However, contemporary describes the present day building styles that vary in appearance and design. Both modern and contemporary are alike in that, they focus on connecting indoors and outdoors. However, unlike modern, contemporary design tends to emphasize more on use of sustainable materials, energy efficiency, the use of non-toxic recycled materials, and plenty of natural light in a home.

Bohemian Style

This type is popular among the fashion-oriented home designs. It brings out a carefree style with no rules other than following your heart’s desire. They incorporate vintage outlook, fixtures and furniture’s and also globally inspired rugs, textiles, and display of collections.

The understanding of design fundamentals goes a long way in solidifying your well thought personal design ideas. Your ability to pinpoint various build styles will help in conjuring up the inspirational visions of your home and give a framework from where you can construct your aesthetic.