User Experience: Balancing Creativity and Functionality in Web Design

Web Design

Web DesignEvery website owner aims to attract clients and translate traffic into successful transactions. As the site becomes the central venue for online business, web design plays a very important role in the process.

Everything begins with a great user experience. It all boils down on how you maximize creativity and functionality.

Hold Out Your Creative Juice

Clients are more likely to stay in well-designed websites. Nonetheless, overly artistic web pages tend to upset the scales between creativity and usability, based on the findings of a white label SEO company.

For instance, you happen to stumble on a website that sells a specific item that you’re looking for. You browsed through the content, found the product specifications you need, and even viewed the pictures of the product.  The problem is you can’t find the right buttons and links to get you to the contact or transaction page. This can pull down user experience.

A website with an overly creative format and unique layout may confuse clients. When the buying buttons or the contact page link is not visible, users may leave the page.

Strike the Balance

A website designer must optimize usability, user experience, and content. For a website to effectively lead users from one transaction to the next, proper placement of elements is a big factor.

For example, a shopping cart icon must be above the fold of the site, along with links to the “Contact Us” or “Buy Now” pages. Placing these icons on the bottom of the page will not be effective when converting visitors into customers.

Websites with crowded designs are another reason for bounce visits. A web page must keep a clean layout with the right features and enough content to engage visitors. With a simple yet pleasant layout, users will find it easier to navigate the sight. This, in turn, can increase potential conversions.

User experience is becoming one of the most important factors in web optimization. The secret is not to overdo your web design, so you can gain more visitors and increase sales.