Types of Swimming Pool Sanitizers

Swimming pool maintenance

Swimming pools filled with untreated and unclean water are a perfect breeding site for dangerous microorganisms. Your pool’s filter system keeps your water debris-free. Chemicals are therefore essential to sanitize the water.

There are various sanitizers an expert in pool cleaning services in Allen, TX, would recommend. The ideal one for your pool depends on your budget and the climatic conditions where you live. Here is a guide to understanding the various pool sanitizers available.

Salt Chlorine

This sanitizer consists of chlorine generated from salt through electrolysis. It causes less skin and eye irritation and has a more subtle smell compared with conventional chlorine and results in softer pool water.

Salt chlorine also produces almost neutral pH levels, eliminating the need for pool water pH balancers. Regular testing is however essential as an excess of salt chlorine might damage your pool’s steps, lighting, and handrails.


The by-product of a bromine and dirt reaction aids in pool water sanitation. Though slightly similar to chlorine, bromine is more stable in warm environments and has a more subtle odor. This makes it a perfect choice for spa and indoor pool sanitation.

Bromine is, however, more expensive than chlorine and might stain your pool fittings.


These release copper and other metal ions, which kill bacteria. An electric ionizer uses electricity to charge and release ions, while a mineral cartridge releases ions when water comes into contact with mineral packets.

Ionizers are not expensive, have minimal maintenance costs and also act as algaecides. They are not, however, strong enough to be used alone and are routinely used with bromine or chlorine.

Apart from sanitizers, your pool cleaner will recommend other chemicals to enhance the safety and appearance of your pool water further.

These include clarifiers, balancers, oxidizers and scale and stain inhibitors. With a good pool cleaner handling your pool maintenance, you can enjoy your pool time with no worries about your safety and health.