Types of Office Espresso Machines: Where to Get Your Caffeine Fix for Today

Purchasing an office espresso machine will save your workplace a lot of time lost with employees queuing at coffee shops.  You also get to serve your guests high-quality coffee right in your office.

Before getting a high-quality machine from a reliable coffee supplier for offices, here are some facts on espresso machines you will choose from.

Steam Espresso Machines

Steam machines work through pressure. You heat water in a sealed chamber, and it becomes steam, which then passes through coffee grounds into a mug or carafe. Stovetop steam machines consist of a water reservoir resting on a stove that boils the water into vapour.

The vapour passes through a lower and upper screen with coffee in between and stored in a top chamber. Pumpless electric espresso machines work the same way.

Piston/Manual Lever Espresso Machine

This machine offers you full control over your entire coffee brewing process. The device uses a hand lever linked to a piston. Pushing the hand lever upwards moves up the piston and brings up pre-heated water.

Pulling down the lever forces the boiling water through coffee grounds. These machines can produce pressures of up to 8-9 bars. This is standard brewing pressure of an authentic espresso drink.

Electric Pump Machines

An electric pump espresso machine has a pump that pulls up water from the reservoir into a boiler that heats up the water. Pressing the brew switch pushes water from the boiler into coffee grounds. You can pre-set the precise water temperature before the coffee brewing starts.

There exist three electric pump machines to choose from your coffee suppliers for offices. Semi-automatic electric machines have a switch where you flip on and off to start and end the brewing.

Automatic espresso machines do not need flipping off and will switch themselves off after a set time. With super-automatic machines, all you do is fill the reservoir, and the machine does the whole brewing process. They are the most expensive.