Types of Innovative Storage Units

Storage Units

When discussing the need for storage space, experts refer to the “4Ds”. These include divorce, downsizing, death, and dislocating, which can mean a renter is moving to a different area or duplication of items after marriage. It is important to determine the safety of the storage unit, size of your item, access hours and protection of your items from damage from rodents, insects, water and heat. Port Douglas Storage suggests that there are a few options for storage units in Port Douglas.

Climate Controlled Units

This is an ideal option for you if you want to store items that are sensitive to environmental elements. These may include food items and other perishables or even antiques and artwork. They are becoming a popular choice for small business outlets and stores. The units are also more resistant pests and dust.

Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage is ideal for those looking for space to store cars, boats, trailers and trucks. It is one of the most cost convenient options, especially for residents of urban areas with costly parking rates. You have an option of renting space in either a heated or unheated storeroom if you want to protect your vehicle from harsh environmental conditions.

Portable Storage Containers

These containers are sturdy and durable. They offer ample space, ranging from 7-16 feet, for storing your items. Portable containers can be dropped at your location for packing and then transported to a protected storage site. They are stored here and delivered to your desired location at your convenience. Consider if they are a suitable option for you. Storage bins are ideal for those who do not need a large storage space and want ready access to their items. Some companies also offer high-tech security for storage units when storing valuable assets. These range from electronic key codes, video surveillance and a user only access system to increase security. You can also get additional insurance for highly valuable items.