Types of Cherry Pickers and Their Applications

A cherry picker used in a warehouse

There are various types of cherry pickers available in the market, and within each group is a range of styles and models. So no matter the application, you’re sure to find a unit that matches the job. Because of the sheer scope of choice, you need to review the job parameters and its specific requirements carefully.

When looking for a cherry picker for hire, Monitor Lifts advises one to study about its subcategories and each of their function and capacity. This helps with the decision making process and guarantees a seamless on-site job.

Scissor Lifts

These offer not only impressive working heights of up to 26 meters but also extraordinary capacities up to one ton. They also feature large platforms that allow more workers, materials and tools to be lifted to height efficiently and safely. Scissor lifts are also available with diesel-powered engines which have a reliable stability perfect for rough terrain applications. For sensitive areas, electric models provide a quiet, low-emission operation.

Boom Lifts

Available in electric-powered models for indoor use and engine-powered (petrol or diesel) options for outdoor work, boom lifts can go up to a height of 47 meters with an extensive horizontal reach of 24 meters. Its platform can carry up to 450 kilograms, allowing more staff and equipment on the site.

Vertical Personnel Lifts, Stock Pickers and Mast Lifts

These are vertical boom lifts that range up and down along a straight, upright mast boom. With its working height of up to 14 meters, capacity reaching 230 kilograms, and a variety of models that provide horizontal extension, these cherry pickers contribute toa quicker and safer job.

When choosing a unit, consider the number of people and the weight of equipment that need to be lifted. This is to ensure that you get the correct type of model for your needs.