Trade Show Trends: AR/VR, Personalization, and Going Beyond Tradition

Man looking for a strategy online
Only a few months have gone since the beginning of 2017, which means there are still many trade shows to attend and organize. Every year, those involved in trade fairs think of unique ways to stand out and draw in consumers and industry influencers. If you’re an exhibitor, here are some trends that you may want to suggest to companies that offer trades how marketing services.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

From websites to trade shows, AR and VR are rising stars. It’s not that they haven’t been so the past couple of years, but they are more popular now than ever. If you want to capture the attendees’ attention and engage with them through interactive activities, any of these should do the trick. However, if you’re looking for something that’s easier to implement, then AR is the way to go.

Non-Traditional Booth

Try experimenting with unusual booth setups to evoke an emotional response and give attendees something to ponder on. You can use larger setups to create a comfortable setting or a digital lounge with recharging stations.

If you’re all for going green during the exhibit, share an Earth-minded advocacy and use sustainable practices, such as using recycled and repurposed materials. Another “smart” idea would be using smart fabric walls with LED backlight.

Personalized Experience

Allow the attendees to create their experience. A customized, interactive experience gives the participant a unique understanding of your product, which should be your intention as an exhibitor – to provide a demonstration that is favorable to the needs of a customer.

Trends may come and go, but that’s what makes events something to look forward to each year. This is the reason you should always do your research and stay updated on the latest trade show news. Sometimes, it’s just a case of trial and error, but it doesn’t hurt to try different things for the sake of staying ahead of the competition.