Top Three Garden Design Trends

watering flowers in a garden

Making a garden is not like buying new seat covers or throwing a rug for your house. It is more like stitching your preferred threads into nature’s tapestry. As such, the industry has been dubbed slow. After all, you cannot hurry the process of an oak tree; it has to be first an acorn before it gives you shade. However, gardening has still seen changes in tastes and styles over time.

Many garden designers in Essex, for example, have been seeing an emphasis on concepts that give people pleasure. Nowadays, gardens are not just functional; the gardener’s loved ones also have to enjoy them. The following are areas that are seeing more emphasis in the realm.

Small garden designs

Now more than before, space is an essential factor in gardening, but designers are making small gardens as attractive and useful as their counterparts. Small gardens have started to enjoy a variety of features that serve different purposes. For instance, one element could mark an edge, collect water and serve as a seat wall at the same time.

Handcrafted gardens

There are a lot of mass-produced goods in the market that people often forget the beauty in hand-made products. Gardeners are now drifting towards handcrafting part or all of their garden elements. The primary benefit of handcrafting is that you can get a garden that is specific to your tastes regarding colour, texture and fragrance.

Habitat-friendly garden designs

More people are becoming aware that butterflies, birds, frogs, turtles, and bees are declining. To counter this loss of habitats, homeowners have shifted to designs that accommodate the animals in their neighbourhoods. They are adjusting their plant selections, restricting the use of insecticides and approving redesigns that support local wildlife.

There are many things to think of when it comes to gardening. As a rule of thumb, be open to experimenting. That way, you can get plants that are useful to you, that add botanical variety and help your local wildlife at the same time.