Top 3 Must Dos to Prepare for Emergencies

Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, even at home. These could result in injuries and even death that you have to be prepared for it. Part of your preparation should include these three useful tips:

Make a plan (and a backup plan)

It is difficult to tell what type of emergency will happen and when. This is why you should have a plan ready, such as setting a meeting place in case family members have to evacuate their homes. It is also helpful to divide the tasks among family members, like who will be in charge of bringing this and that. Make sure that your vehicles also have an emergency kit ready.

Emergency and first aid kits should be ready

Every home should have an emergency kit. What an emergency kit must contain depends on the needs of the family. Does the family have seniors, babies, or a person with a health condition? Then your emergency kit should contain more than just food and water, flashlights and batteries, a first aid kit, and a spare mobile phone.

Accidents happen when you least expect them and the result could be injuries, burns, or bumps. A first aid kit containing bandages, gauzes, instant cold packs, cotton balls and swabs, antiseptic solutions, pain medicines and antibiotics, ointments for itch and burns, and a thermometer must be ready. Most of these first aid supplies are available at local drug stores in Regina, Saskatchewan. However, remember to check for their expiration dates once in a while and replace when necessary.

Save important contact numbers

It’s good to have these numbers stored in your phone, but it’s better if you a have backup. In addition to 911, you might want to save your family doctor’s contact numbers and the phone numbers of nearby hospitals and family and friends.

Emergency preparedness can save lives. Make a plan for the whole family and have your emergency and first aid kits ready and updated. The authorities and the people closest to you could help during an emergency situation, so make sure you have all their numbers ready.