To Be Fit and Fab, Just Bounce

Trampoline Exercise

Trampoline ExerciseAs you may be aware by now, not all exercise routines are created equal. While running miles and miles may get your heart pumping and give you all the cardio health you need, all the ground-treading could eat the soles of your shoes in no time – not to mention give you foot blisters. If you’re unlucky, running too much may result in leg injuries.

That just goes to show it’s high time you give your fitness routine a makeover:

NASA Speaks

If there’s anybody who can shed light on anything under the sun, NASA should have enough smarts to do it. Finding their astronauts losing bone and muscle mass while on a space mission, the space-exploring body zeroed in on an exercise routine to get their people back in shape.

In a landmark study that compared the effectiveness of various exercise routines, NASA revealed trampolining is more beneficial than jogging. Getting on a rebounder is 68% more effective than running around; the great thing about this is it requires less effort than hours of jogging.

The study also shows that using a trampoline is a more effective physical exercise than swimming. They found out that trampolining is better at developing upper and body strength than lifting weights.

A Tremendous Advantage

As many trampoline owners know, it’s the ability of a trampoline to get all the fun going that makes it a favorite contraption for everyone in the family – even more than its fitness appeal.

As the highlights, buying a trampoline is not a bad decision if you want to max out your fitness routine. When you’ve installed it in your backyard or inside your home, you’re giving the gift of better health to everyone around you.

What’s more, older generations can even benefit from bouncing around. The low-impact exercise is perfect for grannies and grandpas, giving them all the benefits an exercise can give minus the stress. In effect, it won’t take long before the contraption becomes the center of attention in your household.