Three Ways Office Furniture Impacts Productivity

Happy People in A OfficeIn today’s time and age, workplace distractions come in abundance. Many find it increasingly difficult to focus and concentrate on the task ahead, and what a lot of people don’t know is that the things that comprise their workstations contribute a lot to these issues.

Precept Design says this raises the importance of using the proper workspace office furniture. The right furnishings can help boost productivity and creativity while remaining ergonomic. Here are some of the key elements to consider when shopping for furniture.


With office furnishings, colours matter a lot. Some stimulate, while others soothe. Their impact varies from person to person, but in a nutshell, intense colours act as stimulants, while those with lower saturation help people relax. Balance is key since too bright can hurt the eyes and cause more damage than good, while the too soft ones can bring about unpleasant emotions.


The form of the furniture also has a big impact on a workplace environment. Experts say that furnishings with round edges can help induce positive emotions in the workplace, while also boosting productivity and creativity.

Furthermore, the eyes also perceive arrangements featuring rounded items and layouts as more pleasing and welcoming. This then stimulates and triggers the brain to feel more active, resulting in not just increased output, but better results too.


Although outward appearance plays major roles in how people perform at work, if the chair, table, or desk doesn’t suit their body type or if it makes them feel uncomfortable, you can expect not just poor productivity, but potential health problems too. Thus, make sure that the items you choose feature ergonomic designs.

And don’t forget placement, lighting, tidiness, and organisation. All these can make a huge difference in how people perform and go about their tasks, so you can expect a cluttered, dirty workplace to create discomfort, or worse, pave the way for health issues.