Three Small Office Design Ideas that Promote Productivity and Creativity

A well-designed office space

In recent years, companies have been changing their policies to allow employees to work from home and to provide a more dynamic workplace. As such, small office spaces are fast becoming an option for companies that stay updated with the latest office design trends.

Many people worry about the difference in environment, though. A formal office, they may think, is more productive than a small office space. What office interior designers in London believe, however, is that the right office furniture creates an ambiance that promotes productivity and positivity regardless of the size of the location. Here are three ideas that will help.

Dual and Triple Purpose Furniture

Considering space limitations, office furniture now serves more than just one purpose. One such instance is the adjustable work surface that allows users to sit and stand while working, depending on how they adjust the surface. Another example is chairs that can serve both as storage bins and stools. File cabinets may also double as chairs when covered with beautifully embroidered cushions.

Round Tables

The days of huge mahogany tables that symbolise corporate power are probably long gone. Collaboration is the name of the game in contemporary office spaces. This is easier to accomplish by using smaller and rounder tables in the workplace. Such inclusive furniture fosters an atmosphere of intimacy and, more importantly, stimulates creativity and collaboration.

Light-Coloured Wood Furniture

The effect of colour on the office space is another angle that furniture designers continue to explore. The combination of light-coloured wood, a spacious L-shaped layout and a glass office front creates a spacious feel. Employees also feel more relaxed in this atmosphere.

In cosmopolitan and work-driven environments like London, office furniture has a major effect on the employees. As such, furniture designers continue to find ways to improve small offices. Their innovative ideas put emphasis on collaboration and effective communication regardless of the office size.