Three Proven Tips for Being a Good Landlord

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The trope of renters hating their landlords needs to be put to rest. Are you a property owner who wants to contribute to the improvement of this relationship? More often than not, snobby and apathetic landlords are the source of this rift. Besides, they are usually in control. If you want to be a good property owner to your tenants, here are some tips:

Do Your Part

Many lease contracts are ironclad in spelling out what the tenant’s responsibilities are. However, they are vague about the role of the landlord in the actual operations of a property. As a property owner, you must maintain the property and keep a good relationship with your “paying guests.” Contact cleaning services such as ProKleen to make sure those common areas are clean. Maintenance companies can also take care of other common facilities that fall under your responsibility. Whatever the case, being a landlord takes work and money. Besides, running a rental is a business, so expect to reap what you sow.


Don’t be the typical passive-aggressive landlord. If you have concerns that you need to take up with a tenant, give them a call then send a text to keep a written trail of your conversations and agreements. If a tenant missed rent, ring them up to know what the situation is and what needs to be done. There’s no need to embarrass or ridicule a person. Contracts are set up to prevent you from acting out of emotion.

Screen Your Tenants Well

The relationship between the landlord and the tenant begins with the viewing. Be an active property owner and try to meet possible tenants who view your place. Better yet, when a realtor brings around a potential renter, have them schedule a meeting with you to get a feel for each other before finalizing everything. When you screen your tenants thoroughly, you minimize the conflicts in the building.

These are just three tips that should help you become a better landlord. Better landlords are hard to come by, so expect your property to be always rented out. Good luck!