Three Delicious Pie Recipes for Hardcore Foodies

Meat pie

There are all kinds of pies. There are simple pies made from simple ingredients. There are mediocre pies that cannot decide between plainness and greatness. And there are pies that could excite even the most seasoned of taste buds. If you are planning to have a pie from the excellent end of the pie spectrum made and eat it too, buy an enamel pie dish right now and be inspired by these three recipes.

Raised Game Pie

The name says it all. When you make a raised game pie, you are levelling up your pie game. You have successfully evolved from the basic apples and strawberries. For this recipe, you need an A-list of ingredients including cooked ham, minced pork back fat, diced venison, duck breasts, sliced bacon, and partridge breasts, among others. This pie is like the breakfast, lunch and dinner of champions rolled into one convenient dish.

Steak and Kidney Pie

If you are a steak person who happens to be a kidney pie person as well, then surely you are a steak and kidney pie person. You cannot go any more British pie-wise than this filling and delicious recipe, which has sustained the United Kingdom through the recession and countless wars.

Chicken, Leek, Caerphilly Cheese and Prune Pie

If there is one thing wrong with this recipe, it has to be the name. It is as if whoever invented it did not want their secret recipe to spread through word of mouth, so they chose a name that would be difficult to memorise. Such deception is warranted given how savoury this recipe is. And if you look at it more positively, at least you already have all the essential ingredients listed on the recipe’s name, which means you cannot go wrong should you decide to make it.

Everybody loves pies, and when someone says he or she does not, that person is not to be trusted.