The Search for International Schools: An Expat Parents’ Guide

Students From An International School

Packing, unpacking and adjusting to a whole new different culture when you’ve moved to a new country is easier than dealing with a child, who would complain about their new school and how they don’t know anyone. Make your life as a parent in a foreign country easier by keeping these things in mind when choosing an international school for your child.

 1. Your child’s emotional needs

Your chosen school should help your child adjust easily in their new environment with the help of different activities. Get feedbacks from fellow parents and students to gauge whether or not your child would be able to cope with his new school.

2. The school

The curriculum is an important factor in choosing a school. International schools in Dubai offer IB curriculums, and it’s a top choice among expatriate parents. Aside from the curriculum make sure the school is accredited and has the right kinds of teaching professionals to conduct their classes and activities.

3. The environment

Do consider the proximity of the location of your chosen school. Remember that you are living in a foreign country and choosing a school that is convenient both for you and your child should be of high priority. Your child’s security within and outside the school premises should not be compromised.

4. Your role as a parent

International schools are no different than local schools. Therefore, your participation as a parent in your child’s education growth should also be considered and offered by your chosen educational institution.

Choosing a school for your child is not an easy task as it is something that has no room for mistakes. Therefore, unleash the researcher and detective in you to find the right educational institution that can offer your child the academic life they deserve.