The Realities of an Aspiring Musical Mogul in the Example of Irving Azoff

Listening to Music in IllinoisNot all members of Illinois’ working class are satisfied with their career. Some Illinois residents don’t even have a job. These are what vocational rehabilitation centers like Vocamotive are for. Building a career isn’t always smooth sailing. Keep that in mind if you aspire to enter the music industry.

In the Footsteps of Irving Azoff

Anybody interested in the music industry knows it’s become synonymous with Irving Azoff. He’s currently the Chairman and CEO of the world’s largest music management firm, Front Line Management, and the CEO of the world’s leading live entertainment ticketing and marketing company, Ticketmaster Entertainment.

Irving Azoff was on his way to making a career in medicine when he realized what his true calling was. He started out as a booking agent for college nightclubs and persistently worked his way into becoming the record company CEO he is now. The University of Illinois graduate has the music industry in the palm of his hand, but he understands the need for decades of perseverance, patience, and personality.

Understanding the Industry

Becoming a music industry executive will not happen overnight, no matter how smart or talented you are. It takes years to understand the process of creating and delivering a product. Like Azoff, you can start off as a local booking agent. Be patient and learn how to work harmoniously with people. If artists can see that you’re doing your job well, you can eventually be hired as a personal manager or concert promoter. Stay in contact with the artists you work with because networks are everything.

It’s also vital that you’re sharp. Sharp mind, sharp ears, and sometimes a sharp tongue. How will you let yourself be known if you don’t give the public what it wants? Merchandisers, music publishers, and record label owners are observant and flexible. Keep your ears open because discovering unexpected talent may just be your big break, like The Eagles were for Azoff. And know what you want. Don’t succumb to criticisms and what’s trending. Focus on your goals.

Breaking into the music industry is a long struggle. This applies to producers, performers, and writers. Be realistic. Be patient. Most of all, love what you’re doing. Find a way to share your passion with the world. Work hard and someday, you’ll get there.