The Market Leaders: 2014’s Most Profitable Industries

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The year 2014 has finally comDoctor's Labcoate to a close. With that said, it’s time to evaluate how well businesses have performed the past 12 months. Now that 2015 is here, such information would be vital in helping you decide where you should put your money if you want to either start a business or invest in stocks.

For the past 12 months, the top performing industries in terms of profit are as follows:


Based on Fortune’s list of most profitable industries, healthcare definitely appears on top. Most fields listed on this article have something to do with doctors, dentists, and clinics. As an industry that’s a staple in every country, its immense profitability does not come as a surprise. In 2013 alone, the sector raked in USD 21.8 billion in revenue, after all.


Many have doubted information technology in the past, but it’s evidently one of the strongest sectors to date. With the world banking on the Internet and big data more than ever, it’s no wonder there are more businesses and more jobs in the industry. The sector also cashed in a total of USD 19.3 billion in the past 12 months.


Energy is, of course, one of the global economy’s staple resources. Despite the recent slump of oil in the global market, the entire energy sector remains resilient. Its combined revenue reached USD 17.5 billion. The sector’s profit margin is all thanks to the immense demand for energy across all countries.


In both developed and developing countries, the demand for more homes and more buildings continue to soar. This is what fuelled the sector’s profit to as high as USD 11.3 billion. With the growth of different business sectors, experts admit that the growth of the construction industry is quite expected.

The presence of other companies that help businesses in this sector contributed to its growth. Wong Fong Engineering says there are firms that provide equipment lease and other forms of assistance to large businesses. This, in effect, makes the construction of new buildings more efficient and improves the sector’s overall profit margin.

Logistics and Transportation

Some might find it unexpected, but logistics and transportation is also one of the most profitable industries in the past year. With the rapid pace of development across all sectors, transportation and logistics have become essential in virtually every industry. This explains the USD 11.1 billion from the whole sector.

These sectors experienced immense growth the previous year, which means these hold promise to stay strong this 2015. With these data, investors and prospective business owners will hopefully put their money in the right places.