The Many Faces of Mexican Food For Every Mood

Mexican food has become so popular that many people in the United States consider it a staple of their diets. And why not? With so many tasty, decadent, and simple-but-flavorful dishes, there’s no denying that this cuisine can fit anyone’s taste, preferences, and mood.

Here are just a few examples:

When you want sizzle and heat on your plate

Mexico is famous for its hot and aromatic spices, particularly its chili peppers. With so many different species of these extremely hot fruits, there’s no reason not to add these into their food. Besides, this is what makes Mexican food even more interesting and tasty. From jalapeno to poblano, habanero to Anaheim, and Serrano to guajillo, all these contribute to every dish having its own appeal and unique flavor and characteristics.

Visit an authentic Mexican restaurant in Woodbridge, VA, and you can sample many of the mild to extremely hot dishes that will make you feel like you are in Mexico. El Paso Mexican Restaurant is one of the top options for locals and tourists.

When you’re tired of going on a diet, but still need to shed off a few pounds

Beans, a staple ingredient in Mexican cuisine, make up many of the dishes from the south of the border that Americans have grown to love. From burritos to enchiladas and Frijoles a la Charra, these dishes contain protein-packed superfoods that fill you up faster and stay in your system longer; therefore, making you feel full for several hours.

Of course, since your goal is to control your weight or reduce it, you should go for the healthier options, such as dishes with boiled instead of fried or refried beans.

When you crave for comfort food

Many Mexican recipes call for ingredients best described as “comfort-giving”. Eating these can make anyone feel like at home. Even the simplest ones, such as tortilla chips with guacamole and cheese quesadillas, can give your down mood a quick lift.

There are many other ways Mexican food fits into any mood, but these three should already tell you how diverse this specific cuisine is.