The Makings of an Engaging Poster

Graphic designers in UtahPosters are timeless, regardless of what some naysayers might say. Whenever you design and put up a great poster, you can always expect people to give it attention. They would look at it and you get to convey a message – exactly what you want to do when promoting something.

But, not all posters work. A great design is essential if you want this marketing tactic to pay off. So, what makes a good poster? Graphic designers in Utah have weighed in on the issue, and have listed four elements necessary for any effective poster:

1. Brand Relevance

Let’s not forget that a poster pertains to a particular brand, so the design has to revolve around that idea. It is important to showcase the values and the trade of the brand being promoted by the poster. Otherwise, the public won’t associate the message conveyed with the brand.

2. Idea

If you think the effectiveness of a poster rests on aesthetics, you’re looking at it wrong. The idea behind the poster is what engages people. Yes, the typeface, the colors, and all the other visual elements contribute to that, but the idea will always weigh more than the aesthetics.

3. Impact

An average person sees loads of advertisements, be it online or otherwise. Ergo, it is important to catch their attention. One effective way of doing so is to ensure that your poster has good visual impact. Choose the right typefaces, colors, and design patterns to turn passersby into onlookers. Make sure that whether they look at your poster from 2 or 10 meters away, they will pay attention to your ad.

4. Simplicity

As with any ad that is fleeting in nature, simplicity is crucial. Not everyone will have the time to see a very detailed poster and mull over it like it’s a Van Gogh piece. Posters have a very small window to attract attention and to convey a message, so the overall design must be simple but sweet. Keep the clutter to a minimum and engage the audience first.

As long as you make sure these elements are present, your poster would surely work wonders.