The Legacy of the Business: Developingthe Next Generation of Leaders


LeaderPeople and programs—this combo is the primary focus of business managers. Between the two, though, managing people is more important. Without the right people in business, programs will just be a thing on paper, a plan that will never be a reality.

It’s important for managers to start nurturing the next generation of leaders in the company to sustain its legacy.Keeping and developing homegrown talent is a more sensible business decision (and less expensive) than hiring from the outside.

Follow these tips as you initiate leadership development programs in your organization.

Give People Different Jobs and Roles

First-hand experience improves knowledge and versatility. Employees will better understand your company culture and operations through exposure to different roles in the organization. By exposing them to different departments, they will become more familiar with the nature of different jobs, improve their skills, and earn the authority to oversee such tasks in the future.

Get Expert Advice

Don’t bear the responsibility of raising leaders alone.Don’t let the skills and knowledge of veteran staff be put to waste. Host a monthly mentoring program where tenured employees and potential leaders can interact with each other.

Organize a conference. Invite speakers who will inspire your team and instill the values of a true leader. Top motivational speaker Brad Montgomery says that it takes more than just knowledge about leadership principles, a sense of humor and fresh insights will help keep would-be leaders engaged.

Dare Them to Do Unfamiliar Tasks

You want your leaders to be problem-solvers and risk-takers. Train them regarding unfamiliar tasks. As you give them different roles in the company, make sure that the assigned jobs will enable employees to go beyond what they can do. Failures are inevitable in these exercises, and that’s the good thing about it. Failure will teach future leaders valuable lessons that will boost their confidence and strengthen their commitment to growth and excellence.

Encourage Feedback

Employees must have a say on your leadership development program and business operations. This will not just boost morale, but also train them to be assertive. One way you can encourage feedback is through coaching programs. Have a group session with them and talk about your business operations. Challenge them to throw in suggestions for improvement for each aspect of the business.

Bear these tips in mind to improve your leadership development program. Create the next generation of leaders and you’ll be able to sustain the legacy of your business.