The 4 P’s of Marketing for Landscapers

Gardener holding tools

Landscaping aims to improve the appearance of a property by adding plants and ornamental accessories, changing the existing design, and planting trees and shrubs. People want their properties to look more beautiful, which is why more entrepreneurs decided to offer landscaping services. If you are a landscaper and you want to increase your customer base, you need the right marketing agency to help you.

Marketing for Landscapers

The challenge faced by a landscaper, much like that faced by most service providers, is how to get customers in the midst of competition. This is where an effective marketing program comes in. Upfront Crew Marketing Solutions agrees that this program is composed of the following elements:


This refers to the service you provide in general and specialties, if any. For example, your general service is landscaping, and you could be specializing in yards with large areas, or a specific theme. The effective presentation medium for this product is visual (i.e., pictures or videos of sample work) with a technical description on hand for interested prospects.


This is how much you will be charging for your services and may have two components: design and implementation (labor and materials). Pricing strategies vary; one way is to charge based on a customized list of materials, cost per man-day, design fee, and management fee. Another way is to charge per square foot of blue grass, for example, with price per piece for add-ons, such as trees, shrubs, vines, statues, fountains, etc., each one considering labor and topped off with a management fee. The method you choose may be based on the client’s specific requirements or how your competitors compute for theirs.


In landscaping, this refers to the reach of your services; i.e., distance of the project area from your headquarters. In defining this element, you could consider the farthest distance you can travel to while remaining competitive in terms of pricing.


This set of activities aims to convince the prospect to choose you as his service provider. For landscapers, the prospect could be the property owner or the general contractor. It is advisable to focus on one type of prospect in the beginning so you will also have a focused promotional plan. Awareness of your particular service could be promoted via flyers and leaflets, local tri-media advertising, geo-specific internet advertising, and keyword research, among others. Seasonal consumer promotions (e.g., off-peak season discounts, package-plus-free-options), referral incentives, and other activities may be considered in your advertising campaign.

Landscaping, like most services, is a business with many competitors. The right marketing mix is necessary to engage your target market and enjoy a successful business operation.