Social Media Strategies that May Make or Break Your Business

Social media written in a yellow notepad held on a palmSocial media is evolving; it is no longer just a community of people who want to share across continents or connect with others. It has become a tool for marketers to reach their audiences and advertise products and services. However, a lot of people caught on to this and are sometimes ignoring paid advertising. Sievers Creative, an expert on search engine optimization from Minnesota cites the following strategies and trends that can make or break your online business.

Converged Social

LinkedIn and Microsoft have created innovations that benefit advertisers in different ways. Especially, if you integrate your professional social profiles using Microsoft 365 apps. Many experts agree that there will be many more integrations to take place in the future. The potential is huge when you start taking this approach and including it in your campaigns.

Facebook Internet

Experts agree that Facebook will continue to dominate social media for advertising, video and usage, and probably won’t be changing in the near future. Instagram and WhatsApp messaging may become big social networks and may compete with Facebook. However, the latter’s users won’t leave, that’s why you must try using different social media platforms to reach your audience effectively and achieve objectives.

Video Content

Experts agree that video content is the in thing in online marketing right now. Real-time video is one of the most effective types and platforms such as Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook Live are leading the way in terms of engagement. Similar to live TV, live video enables companies, different chances to reach their audience and be flexible in their presentations. If this approach is beyond your comfort zone, find an influencer that does this for you.

Mobile’s Bigger Role

More and more people are using their mobile devices to do a lot of things because of the available apps and better features with each new release. These are the reasons you must constantly improve your site to make it mobile-friendly.

Social media will keep on changing, adapting to these changes provides you with a competitive advantage and improves your search engine rank.

Why Does Social Media Engagement Matter?

Social Media ManagementExperts agree that social media metrics are not exact indicators of business success, whether your goal is to get a sale or change consumer behaviour. Despite its shortcomings, however, ignoring such metrics is a mistake that some online marketers make. These numbers and engagements tell a story about certain aspects of your campaign and may get you the information you need to start or maintain a current one.

An SEO company in London and other cities in England list the following uses of engagement metrics in social media:

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Campaign and Content

Many site owners want their campaigns to yield more profits and leads. There are steps along the way that may lead you to these objectives and engagement can be a hint to these ends. The number of likes, reactions, shares, and comments that a post gets provide you with insights as to which types of content resonate with your target audience.

The engagement also allows you to determine patterns that enable you to continue publishing posts that are popular with your market. You also identify the types of followers that engage the most with your brand. This information is useful when it comes to finding influencers and brand evangelists.

The data you get from social media engagement allows you to evaluate the type of re-engagement your brand needs. Some are just one like or reaction engagements, what you want are re-tweets and re-shares as these get you noticed.

Indirect SEO Value

Engagement on social media provides indirect SEO value through links. Sites that have many engaged users are likely to notice signals that affect link building and search engine optimisation. Higher engagement may also lead to exposure to a wider audience for your content.

Monitor your analytics to identify if the rise in social media reach and engagement correlates with increasing organic website traffic. If there is a correlation, determine which content types work best to make your campaign more effective.

Ask Digital Agencies These Top Three Questions before Hiring the Right One

people discussing reports and strategies in a digital agencyIt’s a difficult decision to hire the right public relations company that can manage digital campaigns for your small enterprise. While the costs can become higher than you expected, you’re not guaranteed that a digital campaign can produce the results you desperately need. However, a successful campaign has the potential to create publicity for your business that you can’t manage on your own.

The question now is, how do you find a PR company that can guarantee you success? What you need is a Melbourne digital agency such as Sphere that can meet your budget and has a track record of providing successful results. To help you find such a company, you can ask these top three questions to assess them:

What is your expertise?

While there are many kinds of PR agencies, you’ll need one that is an expert in managing digital campaigns, brand awareness, and social media presence. Asking PR agencies samples of their previous work can also help you decide. It might also help to hire an agency that focuses on providing services for the type of business that you have.

Ask PR companies what campaigns they have managed for other clients in the past and the results. Have they solely worked on Facebook campaigns or Twitter campaigns only? Perhaps they’ve collaborated with a comprehensive digital campaign that includes all major social networks, which can be a plus for your business.

What services do you offer?

Never consider a digital agency as a 3rd party to your company, but rather as an annexe to your team. You’ll find it easier to connect with them and eventually create a favourable working environment. You’ll end up getting the services you truly want.

Digital agencies, however, should foremost, plan and implement PR efforts. Aside from creating and improving social media presence, they can conduct research and propose programs of actions that you can do with them to promote your business to the public.

What is the cost of your services?

Lastly, PR agencies are mainly categorised based on their global and local reach. If your initial aim is to create awareness about your brand in the local scene, you can get a Melbourne digital agency, which is more affordable. However, if you want to go on a global scale, hire a bigger PR firm, but it’ll be more expensive.

Finding Old Success: Do New Ways Cause Businesses to Fail?

Social MediaTwo years ago, a depressing statistic came out stating that eight out of ten businesses fail within the first 18 months. This may not be news to anyone who owns a small business nor (more likely) was a business owner in the past. But, is the capitalist nature of free trade the only thing to blame for these grim numbers?

Are The New Ways Really New?

The answer (predictably) is hardly black and white. While competition plays a big part in how a particular business fares, owners may be a bigger reason for their own downfall. Denver SEO companies, think that inaction on the part of the owners has a more significant impact on their success. The hesitation and in some case outright refusal of businesses to embrace the online medium is a big example.

The trepidation comes from trust issues these owners have with the channel, which is understandable considering it’s not the way they know how to do business. But, this isn’t completely accurate either. Because once people analyze the reasons the internet is such a useful tool, they’ll find that many of the advantages are in line with traditional ways of doing good business.

Keep In Touch

Every single company has one goal – give the customers what they want. This requires knowing what they want through meaningful dialogue. Owners need to access their customers on every level – behavior, values, traditions, dreams, so on and so forth.

Social media is a great way to establish and maintain that contact at little to no cost. The purpose of social media was to bring people together, and with the right help, any business can make a substantial connection with their audience.

Tell It Like It Is – In Another Way

Another thing every business needs to do right is to tell their market exactly who they are and what they do. Companies that run into this problem time and again are either highly technical, or enterprises entering an already crowded market. Customers won’t have any reason to patronize a business unless the owners tell them in no uncertain terms why.

The diversity of online channels that currently exist makes this task ten times easier, as owners now have a variety of options to express their message. Owners can use pictures, videos, podcasts, and a collection of other things that do basically the same thing – telling people who you are.

These two values that aren’t new to anyone with business credentials, online media just allow people to accomplish them in different ways. The downside to trusting the new ways is disproportionately small when compared to the positives that owners stand to gain.

Social Media Hacks You Need to Know

Social MediaSocial media marketing has come a long way. From the days when Facebook and Twitter were the only dominating platforms, there is now also Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and many more.

As a business owner, says that =looking for new ways to stay ahead of your competition is important. This article shares some effective hacks to get the most out of social media.

Optimise images for various social media platforms

Creating images for every platform can be tedious and time-consuming. This is because different sites require different sizes and orientation. Fortunately, you can now create multiple images for different platforms with just a click. Search for a tool that will allow you to choose which sizes you need to generate and they appear in separate tabs.

Find out what YouTube Audience prefers

YouTube is a great platform to learn more about your audience. Knowing what they like to see by asking the right questions will help you know the type of content to curate and what to include in your call to action.

Have multiple tweets scheduled from a single post

If you’re looking to save time, Missingletter can help you with this. You only need to set up an account and connect your blog’s RSS feed to it. When missingletter notices a new post, it will create a series of tweets focusing on various areas of your post. Additionally, it can create images and quotes.

Call to action

If you want to encourage the users to take action and click through your CTAs, you need to be creative. One way you can do this is through the use of video. You can create a video on Snapchat and show people how to take a certain action. Furthermore, you can deliver a 10-second video on your Instagram inviting users to the next webinar.

These are just some of the tricks you can use to get the most out of your social media. Consult a social media expert today to learn more marketing strategies for your campaign.