3 Small Business Types That Can Benefit the Most from Local SEO

SEOFor several years now, SEO has been a game changer in the digital marketing industry. It does not only help businesses gain a stronger presence online, but it also levels, in a way, the competition between the big and small industry players. As a matter of fact, some minor business types can benefit the most from local SEO, and here are some of them:

  1. Medical Practices

Dental practices, doctor’s offices, and urgent care clinics can reap the most reward from local SEO. For one, most of the target customers of these businesses are residents. Also, people who seek medical attention want immediate treatment or solution. When they search online for a dental practice in their area, they would likely click the first website they’d see on Google. So, it is essential that you rank high if you provide medical services.

  1. Law Firms

Typically, people who need legal counsel look for a lawyer nearby. Therefore, appearing on the first page of the local searches is vital for law firms, as well. If you have a law office, make sure you boost your local rankings. Check if your business listings are working properly, as advised by the BackToBlackAgency.com. Also, look at the keywords you’re targeting; make sure you optimize your site with keywords that include the particular location of your firm.

  1. Plumbing Companies

In times of burst pipes and other sudden plumbing issues, the first thing a person would do is call an emergency plumber. Where will they look for that emergency hotline? Google. To make sure you’ll get all those calls, improve your local SEO strategies. Again, use relevant, location-specific keywords when optimizing. Online reviews can also help to improve your local rankings, so make certain that customer reviews are visible once a user searches about your plumbing company.

Boosting your local SEO campaign can do wonders for your business, especially if you own one of the three business types mentioned above. If you want to maximize the full potential of local SEO, it is best if you ask professionals to help improve your existing SEO campaigns.

4 Factors that Make Print Signage Important in the Digital Age

Adult Learning about technologyThe newspaper industry’s slow death is a great symbol of print marketing’s struggle in an era of computer and smartphones. According to a report, the newspaper advertising market in Australia was only worth $2.4 billion in 2016, a sharp 40 percent decline in just a span of five years.

Despite digital media’s dominance, there are still features of print that technology-heavy applications cannot duplicate. If you have a business and are thinking about putting up signs to attract customers, you might have thought twice about their effectiveness. But here are four factors that make print signs relevant up to this day.

The Message is Key

Your medium means very little if you do not have a good message to relay in the first place. Moreover, just because LED signs and TV screens are in trend, it does not automatically means they are better. It is all about knowing your target audience and how you can effectively communicate with them through print advertising.


Print signage is not just a combination of texts and images on a screen that will disappear if you pull the plug off a machine. Print ads are not momentary like LED signs; instead, they are physical items that provide brands with consistent visibility. Eurotech suggests that you keep your signage secure with a key to keep vandals from stealing it protects it from extreme weather conditions.

Personal Approach

As opposed to screens, print signage is more personal. Receiving letters and vouchers in the mail, for example, will make customers feel that you value them. This will help with customer loyalty and retention.

Rare as a Diamond

With the obvious decline of print signage, you tend to pay more attention to them because they are already rare in a technology-heavy environment. This gives print marketing an advantage because people will take the time to read your message.

Digital signs and marketing are here to stay, but print signage offers a more personal and concrete marketing approach that digital signage cannot duplicate. A good combination of both, however, can boost your online and offline presence.

3 Ways to Turn a Failed SEO Campaign Around

SEOSearch engine optimization (SEO) is a challenging and ever-changing strategy that you must monitor closely to achieve success. It will take time and effort, but it’s one of the most effective ways to gain more traffic, customers, and profit for your business. However, there’s always the possibility of your SEO campaign to fail and hurt your brand.

If this happens to your website, here are some things you can do to recover and improve your SEO again:

Hire an Expert

If you have little to no experience in digital marketing, then chances are you’ll get something wrong. That’s why it’s best to hire a reputable Denver SEO expert to guide you in building an online presence for your business website and improving its SEO value over time. This way, you’ll have someone with knowledge, skills, and expertise to guide you throughout the process. They have the right tools to help you reach the top of search results over time.

Reevaluate Your Strategies

When a strategy fails, it doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. Sometimes, you only need to tweak one factor and it can be the most effective campaign you’ve ever launched. Don’t throw something in an instant because it didn’t become successful. Keep experimenting, try different alternatives, and rethink your options. Reevaluate the content, how you delivered it to your audience, what medium you used, what keywords were present, and so on.

Retry the Campaign

After reevaluating the campaign, don’t hesitate to retry or launch it again. You’ll get different results. Whether they become worse or better, you’ll have feedback which is important for your SEO campaign to go in the right direction. By trying over and over again, you’ll get more familiar with your audience and learn which works for them and which doesn’t.

Follow these tips so you could come up with better and more effective campaigns for your website to get as much traffic as possible.

Finding Old Success: Do New Ways Cause Businesses to Fail?

Social MediaTwo years ago, a depressing statistic came out stating that eight out of ten businesses fail within the first 18 months. This may not be news to anyone who owns a small business nor (more likely) was a business owner in the past. But, is the capitalist nature of free trade the only thing to blame for these grim numbers?

Are The New Ways Really New?

The answer (predictably) is hardly black and white. While competition plays a big part in how a particular business fares, owners may be a bigger reason for their own downfall. Denver SEO companies, think that inaction on the part of the owners has a more significant impact on their success. The hesitation and in some case outright refusal of businesses to embrace the online medium is a big example.

The trepidation comes from trust issues these owners have with the channel, which is understandable considering it’s not the way they know how to do business. But, this isn’t completely accurate either. Because once people analyze the reasons the internet is such a useful tool, they’ll find that many of the advantages are in line with traditional ways of doing good business.

Keep In Touch

Every single company has one goal – give the customers what they want. This requires knowing what they want through meaningful dialogue. Owners need to access their customers on every level – behavior, values, traditions, dreams, so on and so forth.

Social media is a great way to establish and maintain that contact at little to no cost. The purpose of social media was to bring people together, and with the right help, any business can make a substantial connection with their audience.

Tell It Like It Is – In Another Way

Another thing every business needs to do right is to tell their market exactly who they are and what they do. Companies that run into this problem time and again are either highly technical, or enterprises entering an already crowded market. Customers won’t have any reason to patronize a business unless the owners tell them in no uncertain terms why.

The diversity of online channels that currently exist makes this task ten times easier, as owners now have a variety of options to express their message. Owners can use pictures, videos, podcasts, and a collection of other things that do basically the same thing – telling people who you are.

These two values that aren’t new to anyone with business credentials, online media just allow people to accomplish them in different ways. The downside to trusting the new ways is disproportionately small when compared to the positives that owners stand to gain.

Giving Your Online Portfolio the Buzz It Needs

Online Portfolio From MelbourneWhether you are working as a freelancer or are committed to a project full time, there is one thing you need as a designer or photographer that is just starting out: an attractive portfolio.

The number of impressive reviews or work histories falls short if potential customers can’t see what you can do. How can you prove your skill without evidence? With a portfolio website, you easily showcase your work.

Despite the numerous portfolio sites online, only a few are successful in attracting customers. Their works are beautiful, but since the site does not get much traffic, they fail to reach the intended audience.

Too Much Content

According to Voodoo Creative, one of Melbourne’s agencies specialising in website design, too much content can kill your site.

Informing your customers is a plus; overloading them is a minus. A portfolio website should display only the best of your work — not everything. When have more samples, visitors experience difficulty browsing your site.

Showcasing everything fails to answer an integral question from your customers: What is your best work?

Poor SEO Practices

Website design cannot survive without proper search engine optimisation (SEO). Unfortunately, it can be quite complicated so guessing your way through it may sabotage your chances. If you haven’t applied quality SEO on your website, it’s never too late to start.

SEO basics are pretty easy. Research on keywords in your content that match what people search for online. If you wish to learn more, professional SEO experts can lend a helping hand.

Stand Out, Get Noticed

Attracting prospective clients is a challenge. With the endless competition, holding out a sign with your services isn’t enough. In the sea of competitors, how can you stand out?

Make some noise.

Get your site noticed on the web. Also, follow your target market wherever they go. Since almost everyone’s on social media, be active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you’re feeling creative, make a brochure or a video.

Don’t let your beautiful works go to waste. A little touch-up on your portfolio makes a big difference in raising awareness.