What Upgrades Can Make Your Motel Rooms Look Bigger

MotelInvesting in a motel for sale in Queensland, says ResortBrokers.com.au, can be a lucrative move if you market it properly. One of the most required features of motels would be comfort and affordability. It would help your business, though, if you also make the rooms look spacious and more relaxing.

Here are some ways to make your motel spaces look bigger and more airy:

Reflective Surfaces  Putting up mirrors, placing indoor pools in strategic areas and using glass covers can expand the look of any limited space. The addition of these items gives the optical illusion of extended space. To maximise this effect, make sure that you have properly placed lighting around the room.

Altered Perspective Japan has mastered this technique due to limited living spaces in its cities. An example of this principle would be the placement of bonsai or miniature trees inside the room, which tricks the eye into thinking that the room is larger by virtue of perspective. They also use the technique Miegakure, which is planned positioning of plants along the border to blur an areas boundaries. This also creates the optical illusion of a larger square footage.

Smaller Furnishings – Small rooms can look larger if the furnishing were simpler and less bulky. Of course, you may want to avoid doing this to the beds but the closets, the tables, chairs and other furnishings would best be simple, sturdy and streamlined. This allows more space for the eye to wander and rest, giving the room a breezy feel.

Just because a motel doesn’t offer the extra amenities other accommodations do, it doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice the space. After all, tourists and travellers appreciate a place that is restful and airy, not necessarily elegantly decorated or classily furnished. Once a lodger can rest and relax, you may get to enjoy repeat visits and positive recommendations.

Your AC Unit’s Awesome Business Contributions

AC Unit’s Awesome BusinessMost establishments in Australia have commercial air conditioners installed in their properties. There is, however, actually more to commercial air conditioning systems than just a producer of cool air. By choosing the right unit, and having it installed by a pro, your business can benefit from the following:

Maintain optimal indoor air quality

Keeping the air inside the workplace at its best is important. After all, you do not want yourself, your employees, as well as your current and potential clients to be exposed to poor air quality. Indoor air pollution is a leading cause of various health problems, particularly those that affect the respiratory system. Health problems can put a lot of stress on productivity and take a toll on everyone’s health.

With a quality AC unit, the filter can remove dirt, dust, debris and other contaminants trapped inside the home. Imagine you and your family can be safe from serious health problems, such as the potential for Legionnaires Disease.

Help your workers stay on top of their game

Optimal room temperature and great indoor air quality are two contributors to impressive workforce productivity. Since your commercial air conditioning unit can provide wonderful benefits, then you can expect your diligent employees to always perform well to exceed your expectations and meet company standards.

Make clients more willing to do business with you

With the heat sometimes being unbearable, just imagine what a relief it will be for your customers to enter your cool and pollution-less establishment. By ensuring that your property is safe and free from health hazards, your target market are more likely to be more willing to purchase your products or enlist your services.

Just remember that the size and the type of air conditioning unit, as well as proper installation, are major players in ensuring you will maximise your system’s efficiency. Therefore, make sure you make the right choices.

End of the Year = Tax Planning: Ideas for Easier Tax Planning

Tax Planning in UtahWhen it comes to tax planning, you only have to remember this formula: Gross Income – Deductible Expenses = Net Taxable Income. Put simply, the main goal of tax planning is minimizing your net taxable income. To do this, you must:

Lower your Gross Income

Maximize your contributions to your retirement plan. If you have a 401(k) from your employer or the IRA, or something equal, you can make contributions before the end of the year, as long as you’ve not reached your limit yet. You won’t get taxed for this and it will minimize the income tax this tax year.

You can also defer your income to the next tax year. For example, if you have stocks that have increased since you bought them, you may defer getting a capital gain and increasing your gross income. This is most useful if you can offset your capital gain with a loss in the succeeding tax years.

Maximize your Deductible Expenses

To do this, you can use tax credits and tax deductions.

  • Tax Credits
  1. Child Tax Credit – offers a $1,000 credit for every eligible child under 17 years of age.
  2. Child and Development Care Credit – If you have a child below 13 years old and you pay for someone to take care of him so you can work, you can qualify for this credit.
  3. Lifetime Learning Credit and Hope Credit – offers as much as $2,500 credit for every eligible student that is enrolled in approved higher education institutions.
  4. Energy Saving Appliances – If you have energy saving devices installed in your home, you can qualify for as much as $2,000 credit.
  • Tax Deductions
  1. IRA Accounts – Although these don’t deliver immediate tax breaks, if you remove money from accounts like this, it won’t be counted as taxable income.
  2. Medical Costs – You can deduct medical costs of more than 7.5%.
  3. Homeowners Deductions – Modifying the schedule of particular payments can aid in advancing deductions for your property and mortgage tax.
  4. Personal and Business Expenses – You can charge a portion of these on your credit card to possibly claim them this tax year but repay them the next tax year.

Take note, however, that these tax planning tips are only general guidelines. For better, personalized, and proper tax planning, it is still best to consult your accountant.

Employee Welfare Matters: Ways to Keep Your Office Safe for Your Staff

business employeeSome business owners think that employee safety is only relevant and necessary in the manufacturing and construction industry. This misconception is often the cause of workplace injuries. You must still maintain a safe workplace, no matter where your office is located and what your employees are doing.

Keeping your employees safe and protected must always be a top priority.

Here are some ways to do just that:


Keep Their Physical Well being in Check

While your work environment may seem quiet and safe, there is still a possibility for accidents and injuries to happen. It is best to talk to an experienced occupational health and safety advisor to prevent or lessen these possibilities. Some of the most common causes of workplace accidents include equipment hazards, poor lighting and ventilation, lack of housekeeping, temperature variations and lack of emergency procedures.


Clean the Office Regularly

A cluttered office means only one thing: poor management. You must have a system to get rid of paper and other items that you are not using anymore. You must also have an attentive and diligent cleaning staff to keep your workplace spotless. To minimize junk, implement paperless processing.


Say No to Noise

Noise pollution is another threat that companies often overlook in the workplace. While it will not necessarily result inimmediate hearing loss, it can increase stress levels and decrease employee morale. The maximum loudness for large busy offices is 50 to 60 decibels. To maintain a productive office, design workstations with enough spaces in between each. Use noise-absorbing materials like carpeting, acoustic tile, and cubicle walls.


Don’t Let Them Work Too Late

Keeping your employees working for extended hours may seem like a productive thing to do, but it is actually the other way around. Too much workload can result in more errors, poor memory, bad time management, fatigue and stress. Think of different ways to manage the workload instead of pushing your employees to their limits.

These are just some of the things you must do for the safety and well being of your employees. As they say, a happy and safe workplace can bring in more employees.

How LED Signage Aids Business Marketing

Business MarketingVarious studies have reinforced the long-held belief that visual displays are among the most effective marketing tools a business may use. These increase store traffic, enhance brand awareness, improve sales, highlight a special store event, and attain other business objectives.

As a store owner with only the best interest of your business in mind, you may want to give serious thought on using LED display signs as a marketing tool. Many wholesale LED sign providers around Australia can provide what you need at an affordable price. Consider the following advantages you may enjoy when using these latest innovations:

Attractive and Captivating Displays

With the latest LED technology and innovative materials used, you get to have a display that will surely be very striking and captivating to your target market. These new LED designs are appealing and highly effective at sending the right marketing message to your customers, making it more likely for these customers to give you the desired response.

Huge Savings Potential

It has been proven that LED technology is very efficient, which means you spend less on maintenance costs. Research shows that some lamps last as long as 50,000 hours. In addition, these new designs consume less power – as much as 80 percent compared to the old fluorescent lamps. These will surely reduce expenses, providing your business with huge savings.

Increased Convenience

LED displays are designed in such a way that it becomes very easy and convenient to use. Graphics can be changed anytime depending on the occasion. You can have one design for store promotions or change it when promoting a specific product. It can be located anywhere inside the store, and installing or moving these devices only takes a short time.

A store with good LED displays will have a significant competitive advantage. Countless businesses have enjoyed impressive benefits while using these modern marketing tools. Does your store have them yet?