3 Ways ERP can Boost Growing Businesses

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An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is a common system utilised by businesses these days. Although the varying ERP solutions available in the market differ in applications, features, technology concepts and complexity, they all aim to streamline business transactions at the end of the day.

ERPs can provide visibility to every aspect of the business process, including process management, inventory, invoicing and accounting, depending on your company’s needs. The ERP that Unit 4 Asia Pacific offers, for example, provides a range of support services for the requirements of customers in particular sectors, locations and with unique business processes. Here are specific ways how ERP can boost your business.

A More Efficient Supply Chain

ERPs can eliminate the need to fill out time-consuming paperwork, thereby ridding companies of a system that is prone to duplicated data entries and inaccuracies because of its manual nature. With an ERP, you may even send vital pieces of information with a simple click of a mouse.

An ERP can also electronically send a bill of matters and orders to suppliers so you can monitor the status of all your projects in real time. It can improve accountability and communication in your business transactions.

An All-In-One Application

As mentioned earlier, ERPs boast of different features and applications. This then saves your staff the time and effort of operating just one system instead of a handful. By relying on a single database, ERP can help staff make better and faster decisions. An improved decision-making process positively impacts business growth.

Higher Revenue

Better and faster business transactions brought about by an ERP system helps your business grow and ultimately earn higher revenue. For example, through the implementation of such a system, managers can easily identify inefficient activities within the operational chain and adjust the company’s processes to run efficiently, as well as at a lower cost.

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions are now a common part of industrial and commercial business operations. Their advancements and efficiency are very helpful in streamlining business transactions, boosting growth and helping businesses achieve and surpass their revenue goals.

The 4 P’s of Marketing for Landscapers

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Landscaping aims to improve the appearance of a property by adding plants and ornamental accessories, changing the existing design, and planting trees and shrubs. People want their properties to look more beautiful, which is why more entrepreneurs decided to offer landscaping services. If you are a landscaper and you want to increase your customer base, you need the right marketing agency to help you.

Marketing for Landscapers

The challenge faced by a landscaper, much like that faced by most service providers, is how to get customers in the midst of competition. This is where an effective marketing program comes in. Upfront Crew Marketing Solutions agrees that this program is composed of the following elements:


This refers to the service you provide in general and specialties, if any. For example, your general service is landscaping, and you could be specializing in yards with large areas, or a specific theme. The effective presentation medium for this product is visual (i.e., pictures or videos of sample work) with a technical description on hand for interested prospects.


This is how much you will be charging for your services and may have two components: design and implementation (labor and materials). Pricing strategies vary; one way is to charge based on a customized list of materials, cost per man-day, design fee, and management fee. Another way is to charge per square foot of blue grass, for example, with price per piece for add-ons, such as trees, shrubs, vines, statues, fountains, etc., each one considering labor and topped off with a management fee. The method you choose may be based on the client’s specific requirements or how your competitors compute for theirs.


In landscaping, this refers to the reach of your services; i.e., distance of the project area from your headquarters. In defining this element, you could consider the farthest distance you can travel to while remaining competitive in terms of pricing.


This set of activities aims to convince the prospect to choose you as his service provider. For landscapers, the prospect could be the property owner or the general contractor. It is advisable to focus on one type of prospect in the beginning so you will also have a focused promotional plan. Awareness of your particular service could be promoted via flyers and leaflets, local tri-media advertising, geo-specific internet advertising, and keyword research, among others. Seasonal consumer promotions (e.g., off-peak season discounts, package-plus-free-options), referral incentives, and other activities may be considered in your advertising campaign.

Landscaping, like most services, is a business with many competitors. The right marketing mix is necessary to engage your target market and enjoy a successful business operation.

3 Ways to Improve Your Book Sales

Social media for content marketing

Technology has given writers of today the chance to improve their sales like never before. For instance, social media has made it possible to authors and readers to “talk.” Authors shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to help improve their book sales. Here are some tips on how to do it:

  1. Invest in an Online Accounting System

The goal is to sell books. When you start to receive big orders, you need to ensure that you’re getting your payments right. Many writers invest in a royalty payments accounting solution to keep track of their orders and royalty payments. This is useful if your books are being distributed in various mediums and several countries.

  1. Create Online Promos

One of the simplest things you can do to improve your book sales is to create online promos. Offline promos are great too, but the majority of your readers are online, so it’s better to meet them where they are. Promos could be as simple as giving away free copies of your new book if they buy a previous title. You can give away free copies to several lucky Instagram users who post IG-worthy snaps of any of your books. You can even collaborate with other authors to expand your reach.

  1. Engage Your Readers by Giving Teasers and Trivia

These days, it’s easier to connect with authors using social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites have made it convenient for writers and readers to connect and engage. Don’t miss this chance to milk on the opportunity to engage your readers about your new and existing titles.

If you have books currently in circulation, consider these tips to help improve your book sales. Don’t underestimate the power of social media and suggestion, especially now that technology has made it possible to connect with more readers from all over the world.

The Path to Finding the Right Digital Creative Agency for You

Online MarketingNot every digital agency is a great fit for your current business needs. Picking the right one, however, requires a lot of homework. The effort is worth it and you’ll be saving yourself from unnecessary hassle when you make the right choice of digital creative agency:

Step 1 – Check Out Their Home Page

They’re a “digital creative agency,” right? That means their web page should be remarkable. If you like what you see then you will like the style they can bring to your projects.

Step 2 – How Easy Were You Able to Find Them?

If it took you five pages (or more) from the SERPs to find them, then they may have some trouble with their SEO services. Do you need some SEO along with your crafty designs? Make sure their services are well rounded. You never know if you will need some extra stuff done for your projects in the not so distant future.

Step 3 – Who are They?

What kind of team makes up your selected digital creative agency in Melbourne? Does each member of the staff have credentials to back up their expertise? Are they proud of their team? Do they enthuse expertise and proper decorum? That also means you get the chance to meet them along the way.

Step 4 – Pricing

Many businesses today will be on a tight budget. That means they will try to optimise their processes. That also means if you skimp on the cost, you will probably get a few flaws on their work. Find out what level of work you can get for a specific price. Remember that quality service doesn’t come cheap.

Step 5 – Always Shoot for the Long Term

Things can go wrong along the way. By that, it means far along the way, like a year or two after your project has been completed. Make sure that the company can stay in business that long. Establish a relationship between your business and theirs since it will be mutually beneficial in the long run.

Follow these steps and you have good chances of finding the right digital agency for your business.

Standing Desks May Boost Your Employees’ Productivity

A person working at their standing desk By now, you must have heard about the potential benefits of standing desks. You may, for instance, know that adjustable desks for standing and sitting have been associated with less obesity risk, reduced cancer risk, longer life, and better posture. But did you know that standing desks could also improve productivity for some workers by an incredible 46%?

Standing desks effect on employees productivity.

According to a 2016 study by researchers from Texas A&M Health Science Centre School of Public Health, stand-capable desks can phenomenally increase productivity. The researchers concluded this after monitoring the productivity of workers at a call centre for a pharmaceutical company over a period of six months. The study began after the employing company bought standing desks. Some employees in the study were given standing desks while some of their colleagues continued using traditional desks.

Within the first month of the study, the employees who got standing desks were 23 percent more productive than the employees who kept working from traditional sitting desks. Over the next months of the study, the improvement in productivity surged to 53 percent. The average rise in productivity over the six months was 46 percent.

Putting the findings into perspective.

The phenomenal rise in productivity could partly be attributed to the fact that employees were doing tasks that favour standing. Accordingly, not all companies that get standing desks can expect an exact rise in employees’ productivity.

Still, this study offers an assurance that standing desks, at the very least, won’t cause a dip in workers’ productivity. That guarantee is a relief to employers who may be aware of the health benefits of standing desks but are worried about productivity.

So, if your company invests in standing desks, you can expect to reap both health benefits and a rise in employees’ productivity. However, since there are tasks that are best handled when sitting down, it would be advisable to invest in adjustable desks for standing and sitting. Your employees can then toggle between tasks that can be done best while seated and the tasks that can be done standing.

A Start-Up’s Guide to Employment Benefits

A Group of Employees

You’ve successfully started your business and the clients are beginning to pour in. The question now is how can you make your employees happy? Start by providing them a good benefits package. This will ensure that they don’t jump ship the moment they encounter difficulties.

Some start-ups that have limited time and resources usually employ Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act or COBRA administration services to reduce their responsibility. Below are some of the benefits that the law requires:

  • Adhere to the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act)
  • Employers should take part in a short-term disability program if based in a state where it exists.
  • Offer benefits to unemployed members of the community by paying federal and state unemployment taxes
  • Employers should pay their share of FICA taxes and deduct these from paychecks of their employees.
  • Offer employees disability and retirement benefits
  • Adhere to all compensation requirements necessary for employees
  • Provide workers time off to conduct military service, serve jury duty, or vote

On the other hand, you don’t need to offer:

  • Sick leaves, paid vacations, or holidays
  • Life insurance plans
  • Vision or dental plans
  • Health plans (excluding Hawaii)
  • Retirement plans

Nevertheless, some start-ups would rather provide their employees most of these benefits to stand out from the competition. The majority of employers offer paid holidays for Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, and New Year’s Day. Otherwise, you could give your employees the freedom to take time off during these holidays without pay or use their vacation days on religious holidays.

Keep in mind that most of your full-time workers anticipate getting a week or two of paid vacation each year. When you’re explaining your vacation policy to them, indicate the allotted time they could request for time off and if they should accomplish a form.

Protect the future of your business by keeping your employees happy. After all, they’re your brand ambassadors that will take care of your clients and uphold your brand name.

Doctors as Managers and the Two Major Challenges They Face

Doctor Consulting with A PatientBeing a doctor remains one of the most lucrative jobs in the country, with specialists taking home at least $250,000 annually. If one decides to establish his or her clinic, he or she also enjoys better flexibility when it comes to time.

The problem is medical schools don’t provide enough training to make sure doctors can become effective business managers. They then face several challenges that may damage their business and reputation.


Doctors see several patients a day on top of doing rotations and home visits. They also attend seminars or complete their fellowship. Once doctors become business owners, though, burnout occurs at a much faster rate due to poor supervision skills, including micromanaging. The more they micromanage, the harder it is to establish a good relationship with the staff and nurses. As burnout increases, the likelihood of committing medical mistakes increases.

Payment Regulations and Models

While doctors receive a handsome pay for their services, the billing and collection systems are another story, and often they can be complex and difficult. For one, various federal and state regulations such as MACRA may dictate the manner of reimbursement services.

Doctors who want to be more efficient in revenue cycle management (RCM) can work closely with a revenue cycle management solutions company that can provide a wide range of services, such as paper claims submission, financial reporting, and primary and secondary billing.

This company can also solve another growing problem among physicians — negotiating with payers. This can force doctors to accept unfair agreements to avoid losing a patient.

Being a doctor isn’t easy, and it becomes increasingly difficult once one tries to become a manager. Recognizing these challenges, though, is one of the major steps to improving not only productivity but also the value of the service and the self-worth of the profession.

Open Enrollment: A Quick Guide for Employers

EmployeesEvery year, open enrollment occurs to give employees of a company a chance to make changes in their health care benefit options. However, not all the workers take this opportunity to get an option that best meets their needs. In turn, making decisions with regards to the employee benefits falls on the employers.

If you’re an employer that offers benefits packages, here’s a quick guide on how to prepare for the next open enrollment period:

  1. Evaluate the Health Care Needs of Your Staff

It’s easy to assume that your workers are happy with their current benefits. However, it’s not a good practice especially if your workforce is composed of a diverse range of ages and lifestyles. Instead, it is best if you evaluate the health care needs of your staff. Run a survey and assess whether the current plans are ideal for particular groups of your workforce.

  1. Keep Your Employees in the Loop

Before the open enrollment, communicate with your staff about the importance of the said open enrollment. Provide FAQs, cost comparison charts, enrollment how-to’s, and other information your employees may need. This way, it’ll be easier for them to understand why they need to decide on their benefits.

  1. Engage Them as Much as You Can

During the enrollment period, engage your employees as much as you can. Perhaps, your data management service provider could help you have a streamlined and a user-friendly registration process. You may also give your staff a one-on-one assistance with your HR specialists, so they won’t have a hard time completing the forms and other processes. Most importantly, provide your employees with enough time to finish the enrollment by reducing their tasks during this period.

Employee benefits can be costly for you as an employer, but they’re essential to your staff. With proper health care benefits, you can take care of your employees for years. In turn, they can provide you with the service that will make your company grow further.

Why Your Business Needs the Help of Technology

Business and Technology

Can you still recall the way businesses do their jobs about 15 to 20 years ago? You may have recalled large tarpaulins, telegrams, and perhaps flyers to disseminate information about your product. Well, these methods used to be effective before, but they may not be enough today, especially now that technology is taking over.

Technology for Business

Whether you are a big or small business, the use of technology primarily revolves around the Internet and those nifty devices that allow you to stay on top of things 24/7. Yes, you have to look into the convenience, speed, and the broad reach of the Internet and likewise make sure that you have the necessary devices that will make integration of such technology into the heart of your business.

Digital Marketing

For most businesses, the primary benefit that the Internet is giving them is a wide market reach. Imagine this: Figures from the Internet Live Stats show that there are more than 3.5 billion people who surf the web. This goes to show that the moment you make use of the Internet to market your products, you will be exposing your business to billions of people who are online daily in search for something new.

In fact, you can now seek the help of digital marketing agencies regarding this matter. They’re experts in helping businesses find the right platform to market products online.

Your Smartphone

Thank the brains behind the invention of smartphones. These nifty devices allow you to do so many things, even business-related ones, without going to your physical location. You can check your inventory, cash reserves, payables, collectibles, orders, and more business processes 24/7 regardless of your location.

You see, business and technology would always go hand in hand. With the way developers are enhancing business apps for the benefit of the ordinary businessman, things could exponentially improve in the future.

Expand Your Market in the U.K. Effectively

Web TrafficThe goal of every business is to make a profit. This means that you also have to implement some proven strategies that could help boost your online presence and gain a better and wider market reach.

Setting up a web presence is as important as constructing your own brick-and-mortar business. In fact, people would usually search about you first on the internet before even visiting your physical address. If your business is purely online, it is twice as important to set up a really great website that attracts a lot of traffic. Why? Well, for one, it affects your ranking in search engines.

Why Bother with Search Engines

If the term that you normally use is Google and you are always worried when your business does not appear on page 1, then you are already worrying about search engines. Google is a search engine, as well as Bing and Yahoo. If your website does not please search engines, then your website would not benefit your business.

Good Traffic is a Prerequisite for Good Ranking

Do you know why search engines prefer websites with good traffic? Well, the answer here is quite obvious. Web sites that receive a lot of traffic on a daily basis mean people trust those websites. The information contained therein is valuable to the user and provides him with all the data he needed. This is why he keeps on coming back to that specific website.

Traffic is Really Important

If you see that the number of visitors has not improved over time or you want to immediately get ahead of the competition, then buy web traffic. This will help you get more visitors every day, which would mean that more people would be viewing your products and services, explains an expert from Visitorz. Telegraph suggests that you also tap into the viral community to drive traffic to your website.

To make it real good in business and expand your market reach, ensure that your website receives good traffic. This will lead to more visits, bigger market and eventually more revenues.