Tactics to Boost Your Keyword Quality Score

Keyword Planner Notebook

Keyword Planner NotebookThe keyword quality score can make or break a campaign; because it influences the results pages whenever a potential visitor inputs a query into Google. It can also positively or negatively affect the cost of pay-per-click campaigns, making them either fit your budget or spend more and get less. These are a handful of the reasons you need to improve the score of this metric.

Improve Keyword Grouping

Google values organization; an expert on SEO services from Denver cites you should organize your keywords to improve your quality score. Use themes such as negative search terms, niche-based interests or question type phrases; these narrow the audience of the ads you want to display on results pages.

Grouping search terms based on a theme and match types are important; however, restricting it to these may hurt your impressions rate, thus negatively affecting your quality score as well. To avoid this problem or at least reduce its effects, add broad match terms to your list and loosen up restrictive keywords. Doing so provides you with enough leeway to attract the right audience and improve your score simultaneously.

To implement this approach strategically, begin with keyword groups that have high click-through. This makes it easier to plan and implement the next steps and groups of search terms you want to include in a campaign.

Relevant and Compelling Copy

The copy and visuals you include with your ads can improve its click-through rate. Make the text relevant to your brand message, the video or images on the advert, and your target audience. Doing so makes your ad click and share worthy. This improves conversion rate and boosts your quality score as well.

The quality score for keywords is dynamic, and search engines calculate and determine the numbers on the fly. The scores you get for ad groups may vary depending on the network used, query of a potential visitor and your site’s location.