Stun Gun or Pepper Spray: Choosing Your Brand of Personal Protection

Woman sprayed a pepper spray to the bad guy Ideally, people would rather avoid getting involved in physical altercations. The reality, unfortunately, is that at some point in their life, there will be those who will seek to do them harm. Women, in particular, have been subjected to attacks by malicious elements.

These situations have created the need for personal protection items, most prominent of which are stun guns and pepper sprays. Both seem equally potent, so people may not instantly know which self-defense tool to use. Several factors, in fact, must be taken into consideration in the purchase of either of these personal protection products.

Legality of Self-Defense Tools

The legality of stun guns varies by city and state. Despite being non-lethal in nature, stun guns are still capable of causing harm if used improperly; thereby the ban from several counties. If you are looking to buy a stun gun, ask your local sheriff or police chief to check whether you are allowed to own one. Louisiana, for example, allows residents of Slidell to purchase stun guns purely for protection purposes.

On the other hand, all 50 states allow the purchase and possession of pepper spray. Restrictions, however, apply depending on size and potency, among others. Again, check with your local authorities the prescribed limits in owning pepper spray.

Size Matters

Both stun guns and pepper sprays vary in size, depending on your preference and use. You might favor something that’s small and easy to conceal or something larger that provides a good, secure grip.

Innovations in pepper spray models, among others, come in its useful disguises. You can buy one that looks like a tube of lipstick or a writing pen, giving your potential attacker no clue to your defense capability. Stun guns have developed similar improvements, where certain models are made to look like regular phones.

Power Variation

Regarding incapacitating an attacker, pepper sprays have the advantage of range and duration. A standard spray can spew its chemical mixture from several feet away, and the effects last for 15-30 minutes.

Stun guns require a close-range application for maximum effect, but stopping power is much more potent, capable of disabling an attacker almost instantly. Duration is average, immobilization only lasting for about 3-7 minutes, but still plenty of time for you to run away and call for help.

Protecting yourself is something you need to be ready for at any time. Understand your self-defense options and invest in them; it is better to be prepared than to be a victim.