Studying in London: What to Consider for Accommodations

Group of student studying

House hunting in a new city is always tough and finding accommodation in a different country when you are a new student can be daunting. If you are determined to study in London but need to look for accommodations for students, you need to consider the following things.


Rent is one of the costliest expenses for a student in London. Before you start searching, consider your budget and compare the renting expense between university halls and private housing. Once they give you the amount, find out what other fees you need to pay. Read the fine print on the lease contract to see if there are other financial conditions you need to know.

Consider the Amenities

Your student accommodation of choice should offer a living environment that provides not only basic shelter but also a comfortable and conducive place for learning. Consider a place that has communal and private areas suitable for both study and recreation. Know what other amenities they offer and compare them with all your possible choices.

Have a British Bank Account

Many landlords will not accept your housing application if you do not have a British bank account.  Most banks in Britain would only allow you to open one once you have arrived in the UK, so it’s best to arrive long before your classes begin.

Read the Tenancy Agreement

Read the agreement carefully. Find out the set procedures for eviction and rent raises. If you need help to understand the terms and conditions, you should seek the advice of a lawyer before signing.

If the process is hurried, you might end up renting a place that may not be to your liking. To avoid this, give yourself ample time for the search. Go house-hunting as early as possible to find the best accommodations for you.