Strength in Numbers: the Benefits of Business Networking

Business networkingBusiness networking is an instrumental part of succeeding as an entrepreneur. It offers invaluable knowledge while also offering experiences and lessons on managing opportunities. Learning about how others lift their businesses up through effective networking brings in new clients and promotes your business through word of mouth.

Business Referrals: An Important Aspect of Networking

Networking embodies the significance of business referrals. It builds relationships with qualified business professionals — one of the biggest resources you need to build your company.

BNI Australia cites crucial data on business referral programs:

  • 98% of businesses rely on referrals to gain new business.
  • Only 3% of businesses have a strategy for generating referrals.

They further add how networking requires commitment. Success comes to the dedicated.

The Benefits of Business Networking

Here is a list on how business networking can help your company:

  1. In generating referrals, your business grows

This is the primary benefit that networking gives you. It provides you with high quality referrals which can lead to potential clients. These can be leads that marketing may not be able to give you.

  1. The range of opportunities presented to your company

A few examples of networking opportunities include joint ventures, possible partnerships, seminars, conference opportunities and asset sales. As long as you can discern which opportunities complement your goals and vision, take the risk.

  1. The relationships you build work to your advantage

In business, the saying; ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’ exists for a reason. Having relevant and timely connections in the industry you’re in opens doors to the right influences.

  1. Gather expert consultation and advice

Networking gives you the chance to interact and converse with similar business owners and entrepreneurs.

Talking to experienced business owners provides you with an invaluable source of wisdom.

  1. Boost your profile

Networking also adds to your visibility. Business-oriented events and related social gatherings can add to your reputation. This helps your business thrive, bringing confidence and a positive aura to your company.

As a company looking to expand, acknowledge the strength in numbers and the benefits business networking can give you.