Starting Over: Chasing Business Success After Falling Once

Man Cutting a Red Ribbon with Scissors

Man Cutting a Red Ribbon with ScissorsStarting a business is challenging, as it takes guts and courage. Sometimes, your first try does not yield good results and not everyone becomes the millionaire they’ve always dreamt of. You may even go bankrupt because of one wrong business decision.

Learn from your mistakes and try again. Here are some things to consider after recovering from a bankruptcy:

It’s OK to be Old School

Everyone you meet may be sporting the latest Apple gadget. While many say that to be successful, you have to look the part, there’s nothing wrong with pinching pennies when starting out.

Take a page from Warren Buffett’s playbook: “Does your old car really need an upgrade if it’s still working well?” Rather than spending on things you don’t need, save as much as you can, so that your business can have a bigger emergency fund.

Try a Different Venture

If you failed at your first try, and it led to you filing for bankruptcy, Utah Bankruptcy Pros says that this doesn’t mean you’re not cut out to be an entrepreneur. This may mean that you need to be in a different business. Try something related to technology.

Utah Business ranks Provo as seventh in “Next in Tech,” so you know there’s a good chance of success in this field, especially for startups.

Don’t Compromise on People

Your employees will define your company, so choose the best ones. It may be tough finding people who will work for the salary you’re willing to offer, but the key is finding people who are enthusiastic about what they do. It should never be about the money, but of course, you should be willing to pay them their worth. Provo mayor John Curtis says he knows some rich people who are unhappy, and those are not the employees you want on your team.

It’s easy to think of starting a business, but making it happen requires hard work and perseverance. The people who succeed are those who never give up.