Standing Desks May Boost Your Employees’ Productivity

A person working at their standing desk By now, you must have heard about the potential benefits of standing desks. You may, for instance, know that adjustable desks for standing and sitting have been associated with less obesity risk, reduced cancer risk, longer life, and better posture. But did you know that standing desks could also improve productivity for some workers by an incredible 46%?

Standing desks effect on employees productivity.

According to a 2016 study by researchers from Texas A&M Health Science Centre School of Public Health, stand-capable desks can phenomenally increase productivity. The researchers concluded this after monitoring the productivity of workers at a call centre for a pharmaceutical company over a period of six months. The study began after the employing company bought standing desks. Some employees in the study were given standing desks while some of their colleagues continued using traditional desks.

Within the first month of the study, the employees who got standing desks were 23 percent more productive than the employees who kept working from traditional sitting desks. Over the next months of the study, the improvement in productivity surged to 53 percent. The average rise in productivity over the six months was 46 percent.

Putting the findings into perspective.

The phenomenal rise in productivity could partly be attributed to the fact that employees were doing tasks that favour standing. Accordingly, not all companies that get standing desks can expect an exact rise in employees’ productivity.

Still, this study offers an assurance that standing desks, at the very least, won’t cause a dip in workers’ productivity. That guarantee is a relief to employers who may be aware of the health benefits of standing desks but are worried about productivity.

So, if your company invests in standing desks, you can expect to reap both health benefits and a rise in employees’ productivity. However, since there are tasks that are best handled when sitting down, it would be advisable to invest in adjustable desks for standing and sitting. Your employees can then toggle between tasks that can be done best while seated and the tasks that can be done standing.