Software for the Softhearted: ERP Solutions Let NGOs Focus on Caring for Others

NGO Volunteers Working

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and Not for Profit organisations generally have a team of compassionate individuals with the initiative to take care of other people and build a better life for them. Such organisations exist to help the less fortunate. But their members need some help, too. No matter what the intention, every organisation needs management and administration, after all.

Software solutions — online ERP solutions, specifically — meet the technical needs of any organisation. They handle online data management and administration, enabling the members of NGOs and Not for Profit organisations to focus on their cause.

Prioritising the Purpose of the Organisation

There are many kinds of NGOs and Not for Profit organisations; each one has an advocacy. For example, one organisation advocates sustainable access to safe water and sanitation while another builds houses for the homeless.

No matter the cause, an ERP solution takes on the organisation’s oftentimes monotonous yet critical technical work so that members can plan activities and draw up strategies that improve people’s lives. It creates reports, simplifies the administrative process and automates the workflow so that members can focus on engaging with the organisation’s mission.

An ERP solution also streamlines shared information, allowing members to review the organisation’s financial data or other regular reports anytime. The service lets members scale front line operations and know almost immediately if a certain project is feasible. Furthermore, it lets members pull up information from any location, from a desktop browser while in the headquarters to mobile apps while in the field.

Keeping Supporters Updated with Recent Activities

Supporters of an organisation feel more involved in an organisation if they can see constant updates and reports on their advocacy. They also feel a sense of organisational transparency, when they see the activities and initiatives of the organisation through regular reports.

An ERP solution manages and updates data online, keeping supporters up-to-date on the latest news with the organisation. Apart from updating supporters, it encourages transparency by keeping donors informed about where their donations go, therefore encouraging their continued support of the organisation’s cause.

An online ERP solution enables NGOS and Not for Profit organisations to focus on what really matters. It handles the technical work and enables organisation members to concentrate on their advocacy—whether it is for clean water, better health, improved education or other ways to help society.