Showing Up on Page One: 5 Solid Reasons Why You Need SEO


telescopeAll successful websites and business owners who rely on strong web presence to help fuel their profits have one thing in common—an excellent SEO strategy. SEO or search engine optimisation is not easy but it is effective.

Here are five compelling reasons you should highly consider investing in SEO.

1. Think of SEO is an investment; not a cost.

In the long run, SEO is one of the most cost-effective SEM practices when you compare it to the costs of other SEM methods like pay-per-click (PPC), email marketing, buying leads, or social media marketing. While social media presence is vital to your brand and PPC admittedly can provide more profit, a good SEO campaign will always be the be-all and end-all of your brand’s online presence.

2. Google loves clean and healthy content.

Having healthy and clean content is crucial because Google and other search engines constantly update their search algorithms to do away with spam and other dirty tactics some sites use to bolster their rankings. In Singapore, SEO services can remove penalties, but it can take weeks to months, which will equal to a decrease in site traffic and in turn, loss of revenue.

3. Search engines are now seizing increasing market share.

Around 80% or more of your potential clients read online reviews before diving in and availing of products or services. Now is the time more than ever to cement a reputable online presence.

4. Increasing local search optimization.

As of late, a bulk of searches is local. Because Google is the eye in the sky when it comes to searches, it is on board this latest search trend and is showing local results for search terms that are not entirely location-specific. To illustrate, searching for “best restaurants” may show local restaurants with a combination of organic page results. This generally means that if your business has a physical space for serving local clients, you need to increase your local search rankings.

5. You can get SEO that fits your business like a glove.

Even SEO cynics will backtrack when presented with the right SEO campaign. First off, you need to remove your focus on the price tag and allocate a reasonable budget, analyse and evaluate the competition, research and study market and search volumes and then build your SEO campaign around your business’s specific goals.

To do this, you will need SEO services capable of steering you away from instances where potential for profit is small, with cutthroat competition, or markets that are too small for your goals.

The long and short of it all is that SEO is a wise investment because increased web presence and visibility equals an increase of profit for your business.