Should You Use a Portable Air Conditioner?

A split-type air conditioner

Portable air conditioners are a good option for those who are on a budget, but it would be best to temper your expectations when you finally decide to use one.

Price serves as the main reason some people think of buying a portable system, as this is cheaper than other options. The lowest-priced product costs almost $350 and can go as high as $1,300 or more.

Portable Reasons

Those who rent instead of owning their house or apartment are often the ones who buy portable air conditioners. However, there are some drawbacks to using single-duct portables, such as being less efficient or effective in cooling indoor spaces. If you want better efficiency, less noise and improved comfort, a split system might be your best option.

The installation cost of a split-system air conditioner in Sydney may be different from that in Melbourne or any other location in Australia. It pays to shop around for the best dealers before choosing a brand or model. Split systems are still the most commonly used air conditioners in the country, so finding tradesmen who know how to install and fix them may be easier than finding portable system repair technicians.

Cleaning Air Conditioners

Air conditioner manufacturers advise homeowners to clean their unit at least every two or three weeks depending on usage. Those who use it less often may schedule a clean-up just twice a year.

Pay attention to filters when cleaning your air conditioner, since clogged parts cause your unit to work harder in blowing cool air. As such, it consumes more electricity that leads to a more expensive bill.

A split-system air conditioner is often a better choice than a portable one. If you really need to buy the latter, be sure to get them from a reputable dealer.