Rolling the Board: 5 Practical Hacks When Building Your Own Ramps & Rails

Own Skate ParkMany skaters would agree that once you learn how to ride the board, it'll be hard to stop. You'll continuously work on developing your skills on doing the sports. This includes performing tricks and techniques as you ride the board. Whether you're a hobbyist or a pro skater, flipping some tricks with your board is a great way to step up your game.

Before you start with it, though, one of the most basic things you must have are ramps and rails to slide on. 

With regards to choosing one, here are some few things that matter: 

Considerations on Skate Ramps & Rails

According to a professional skatepark builder at OC Ramps, there are two things you must remember when constructing your very own ramps and rails. The first would be the usability, which is how you'll use it in performing tricks. The next would be the functionality or how can it affect your overall performance while doing some tricks.

Under usability, here are the basic things that matter:

  • The flow and movement of your skateboard
  • The traffic to see if it is possible to perform a trick
  • The speed and balance which affects your riding skills
  • The difficulty or the form of the ramps and rails itself

When it comes to functionality, these are the factors you should consider:

  • Capacity in handling pressure or force (when you are doing grins or airwalk)
  • Safety features to keep you out of harm's way
  • Aesthetic appeal because it must not obstruct your sight to lessen the chances of accidents or injuries.
  • Maintenance this is reeling towards the period you can make use of the ramps to perform your skateboarding moves.
  • The zoning laws – knowing the building laws and standards in your area is necessary to any construction or add-on feature around your property.

When these two considerations have been addressed professionally, you may now start customizing your very own ramps and rails. But, in case you can’t afford to build your own just yet, you may always visit the local skatepark in your area to practice and harness your skating skills.