Role of Public Insurance Adjusters

Insurance Adjuster talking to his client

A public insurance adjuster is a professional who must have a license to practice. Whether it is Florida or New York, you can hire an adjuster to evaluate losses incurred by policyholders and help them file a claim. They receive fees for their services and work for businesses as well as individuals.

Some of the claims they can help with are fire, flood, water, and hurricane damage. A seasoned insurance adjuster can also help with losses in business income and so on. Adjusters can also negotiate with contractors during the rebuilding process and ensure they do the job right.

When should one hire an insurance adjuster?

Anyone who is planning to file a property claim should hire an adjuster. This is best done early in the process as they are trained to review and understand an insurance policy.

You could also approach insurance adjusters for a second opinion. It is essential to submit an accurate claim as insurance companies try to pay as little as possible.

What fee does an adjuster charge?

Most adjusters don’t charge a fee to visit a damage site. If you decide to file a claim and use their services, there is obviously a fee involved. They usually charge a percentage of the claim.

Fees vary from state to state, and a public insurance adjuster in Florida cannot charge more than 20% of a supplemental claim. In the case of emergency situations, it is capped at 10%.

How does one pick the best adjuster?

There are many things you could do to ensure you get the right adjuster. These include the following:

  • Check to see if they have a license to practice in the state.
  • Find out if they will handle your claims personally. Don’t hesitate to talk to two or three people before hiring one.
  • Get referrals from other customers. If the reviews are good, then you can be sure that they will serve your interests well.

In case an insurance carrier is not willing to settle a claim, consumers will have to hire an attorney to dispute the settlement offered. Most often than not, a public insurance adjuster is able to get a good settlement for his client.