Rethinking Outer Suburbia: What Lies in the Urban Fringe?

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Australia has some of the most liveable cities in the world, everyone knows that. But, what lies on its cities’ fringes has not caught the fancy of many in previous years. The outer suburbs have long struggled to shake off the stigma that they once had. But recently, with demand in inner suburbs pricing many out of the market, the less trodden outer suburbs are on their way to becoming real estate hot spots.

What Lies on the Urban Fringe

When city dwellers and inner suburbanites look to the vast, open fields and roads of outer suburbia, they often wonder why anyone would want to live there. But, with so many new developments in transport and industries, combined with rising median house prices, moving to the fringes is becoming a smart choice.

Beyond this, there are many other things that attract families and individuals to these places. People are drawn to the idea of a close-knit community that’s in tune with nature, has low-density neighbourhoods, is accessible to the city centre, and offers a vibrant new lifestyle . These factors all propel the rise of the outer suburban sprawl.

Rising to the Challenges

Over the past few decades, developers and investors have shown much interest in making areas on the urban-rural fringe attractive to buyers. The development of transport infrastructure and industries has allowed real estate to flourish. The rising retail industry has also brought new cafes and bars along with its boom. And with a burgeoning art scene, it is likely that young people will come flocking in.

Donnybrae, an up-and-coming real estate development in Donnybrook located in northern Melbourne, Victoria is one great example. While it’s 48km from the Melbourne CBD, residents can enjoy multiple ways to get around. The railway system is the most efficient. Unlike commuter towns, however, each suburb has its own set of unique qualities. Donnybrook, for instance, offers a unique opportunity to live near the best wineries in Victoria, not to mention the availability of affordable homes.

Due to a combination of economic and cultural events, the perception of life on the fringe has significantly changed. More and more Australian families and even young couples are moving further away from the city centres.